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Nuit Blanche Toronto 2017 marks the milestone of Canada’s 150th anniversary of confederation with the event-wide theme Many Possible Futures. With a focus on looking forward the curators, artists, and cultural producers bring challenge, reflection, resilience and change to the forefront of their projects.


Century of Revolutions

Curated by Nato Thompson

Now is the time to reflect. One hundred years ago the Bolshevik Revolution came crashing though Petrograd with a promise of communism. The call for distributed equity woke up the peasant class and overthrew the tsarists of Russia.

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Taking to the Streets

Curated by Barbara Fischer

Even in the normal course of everyday life, streets are complex sites. In the intervals, crevices and deep channels of the city, where hundreds of thousands of us commute to work every day, pedestrian vulnerability meets car culture, public and private intermingle in unpredictable ways...

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Life on Neebahgeezis

Curated by Maria Hupfield

For one evening the surreal qualities that come when the sun goes down combine with the everyday to provide a glimpse into a far greater life somewhere; another world where spirits walk and the unknown becomes familiar.

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Calculating Upon the Unforeseen

Curated by Clara Halpern

Reflecting on the future at this moment requires thinking about perspectives that stretch beyond national borders to the larger world. The future will be shaped by how we respond to the unknown. Is the unseen a hazard, or the door to new possibilities?

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Special Projects

Whether returning or new, all sponsors have whole-heartedly immersed themselves in the spirit of Nuit Blanche Toronto by sponsoring Special Projects that feature the work of talented artists during the event.

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Major Institutions

Ten of Toronto's major arts and culture institutions will feature inspired art projects that celebrate the diversity of Toronto's arts communities.

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Independent Projects

The arts community produced portion of the event features more than 35 projects created by cultural and educational institutions, individual artists, producers, and organizations.

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