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Curated by Janine Marchessault and Michael Prokopow

It is well known that there will come a time in the vastly distant future, when the Sun –- the gigantic life-giving molten of hydrogen and helium – will die...

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Militant Nostalgia

Curated by Paco Barragán

Militant Nostalgia or When History Meets Memory tackles meditation and meditation on history and the passage of time. Nostaglia functions as an intermediary between the collective (history) and the individual (memory)...

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And the Transformation Reveals

Curated by Camille Hong Xin

The mystery of transformation is the central theme of Rainer Maria Rike's poetry, which was essential for his creative process and understanding of humanity's true nature...

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Facing the Sky

Curated by Louise Déry

Artists have always turned their eyes to the sky and many of them, today, are following in the grand romantic tradition, standing as explorers with their heads raised towards outer space, observing its immensity, evoking its boundlessness while at the same revealing its poetry, mystery and magic...

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Special Projects

Whether returning or new, all sponsors have whole-heartedly immersed themselves in the spirit of Nuit Blanche Toronto by sponsoring Special Projects that feature the work of talented artists during the event.

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Major Institutions

More than 10 of Toronto's major arts and culture institutions will feature inspired art projects that celebrate the diversity of Toronto's arts communities.

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Independent Projects

The arts community produced portion of the event features more than 50 projects created by cultural and educational institutions, individual artists, producers, and organizations.

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