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My Night

Take My Night with you to Nuit Blanche! You can access a mobile-optimized version of your itinerary on any mobile device at

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  • Ocean
    Performance Anxiety Map # 1

    Ocean, Toronto City Hall (Rotunda)100 Queen Street West Kinetic Sculpture

    Transforming the Rotunda of City Hall, Ocean is a constantly-changing canopy of recycled textiles from H&M's Garment Collecting Initiative that evokes vast, unstable forces where brilliant bursts of light alternate with intense waves of immersive sound.

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  • Death of the Sun
    Performance Anxiety Map # 2

    Death of the Sun, Nathan Phillips Square100 Queen Street West Kinetic Sculpture

    Experience the sun through its life cycle. A deeply personal and highly evocative meditation on human mortality and people's individual place in the universe, this installation portrays the death of the star that sustains us.

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  • Pneuma
    Performance Anxiety Map # 3

    Pneuma , Nathan Phillips Square100 Queen Street West Video Installation

    Pneuma is a journey of spirit through birth,it is rumination on time and sacred knowledge mediated by the body.  It touches on the universal fear of the future unknown and the post-life plane into which we will, inevitably, venture.

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  • New Project
    The possibility of everything Map # 4

    New Project, AGO - Art Gallery of Ontario317 Dundas Street West (Walker Court) Performance Art

    World-renowned multi-disciplinary artist Rebecca Belmore will enact a new durationalperformance in Walker Court at the AGO.  This performance also kicks off the AGO’s Toronto: Tributes + Tributaries Live Performance series.

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  • The Merging
    The possibility of everything Map # 5

    The Merging, OCAD University100 McCaul Street (Project includes a large scale outdoor installation and a second indoor component involving the original painting and augmented reality through a downloadable app.) Interactive Installation

    A large-scale mural depicting multiple interconnected spaces, inhabited by various figures in motion and inspired by the findings of two of Toronto's prominent historic figures: philosopher Marshall McLuhan and mathematician Donald Coxeter.

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  • Utopia’s Ghost (Fallen Flags)
    The possibility of everything Map # 6

    Utopia’s Ghost (Fallen Flags), John Street & Stephanie Street Installation

    A carpet of flags from revolutionary movements in Latin America challenges perspectives of history. It confronts the political realities of a Utopian dream and the ideals of freedom, as represented by the groups who fought beneath these fallen colours.

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  • Waiting
    The possibility of everything Map # 7

    Waiting, QRC West134 Peter Street Film Installation

    Drawing on the shapes and shadows of film noir, two films capture the creeping discomfort of a woman as she waits.Screened simultaneously, the films are accompanied by a haunting elemental piano score composed by Sebastiaan Roestenburg, played live.

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  • A Public Memorial
    The possibility of everything Map # 8

    A Public Memorial, Michael's Front Window142 John Street (smaller versions of the retro-reflective posters located throughout the exhibition area.) Installation

    Strike a pose in a silhouetted sculpture garden. A billboard printed in retro-reflective material hints at a ghostly image of a Toronto park. When photographed with flash, the image transposes for a split second into to crisp black and white detail.

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  • Lies
    The possibility of everything Map # 9

    Lies, Artscape Sandbox301 Adelaide Street West Performance Art

    An interactive performance during which 365 questions on different topics are asked and answered. Drawing on personal history as a starting point, Maria José Arjona builds a dialogue with the audience that could be fictional or could be truth.

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  • Scenes of Failure
    The possibility of everything Map # 10

    Scenes of Failure, 19 Duncan Street Video Installation

    A large-scale outdoor projection of a short animated film telling the story of Enrique Marty's nephew Luis, who dreams of moving to Toronto. Accompanied by an exhibition of the 800 watercolour paintings that make up the individual cells of the animation.

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  • Meet Me in the Glass House
    The possibility of everything Map # 11

    Meet Me in the Glass House, Metro Hall plaza55 John Street Video Installation

    An immersive video installation exploring the idea of 'genetic memory' – that we are born with memories, imprinted like our DNA. Looking into the universe that exists within a human being, the project investigates our unbreakable connection to the past. 

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  • The Museum of Broken Watches
    The possibility of everything Map # 12

    The Museum of Broken Watches, Metro Hall55 John Street Installation

    A museum of 720 stopped analog timepieces, this collection simultaneously functions as a working digital public clock. Download the companion app under the LEARN MORE tab and use it to time your night at Nuit Blanche (iPhone compatible).

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  • 100 Plastic Containers for Human Corpses
    The possibility of everything Map # 13

    100 Plastic Containers for Human Corpses, Wellington Street West & John Street Installation

    A flatbed truck stacked with seemingly innocuous boxes, which are in fact grave liners. Ordinary in appearance, these or 'FEMA coffins' could be evidence of a government conspiracy or simply a subtle reminder of our complex relationship with death.

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  • Transfiguration
    The Night Circus Map # 14

    Transfiguration, Campbell House Museum160 Queen Street West Video Installation

    Black and white figures slowly emerge from the dark passing through a transparent veil of water into the light as the camera shifts seamlessly to digital, recording their gasping reaction in colour. They then return to the dark via the water threshold.

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  • Vertigo Sea
    The Night Circus Map # 15

    Vertigo Sea, The Design Exchange Trading Floor234 Bay Street Video Installation

    This immersive much talked-about three-screen film prompts a reshuffling of times and places. It is a sublime, poetic meditation on man's relationship with the ocean and exploration of its role in the history of slavery, migration and conflict.

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  • Literature vs. Traffic
    The Night Circus Map # 16

    Literature vs. Traffic, Hagerman St & Elizabeth St Interactive Installation

    Transforming the street into a river of lit books, this installation celebrates the power & texture of paper books in a digital age. During the final hours, the donated books from Salvation Army can be claimed by anyone, thus the project recycles itself.

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  • Hand-held
    The Night Circus Map # 17

    Hand-held, Church of the Holy Trinity19 Trinity Square Interactive Installation

    The work occupies space in the manner of a sculpture, but is initially invisible. Once you, the audience, extend your hands and move around, the secret life of the sculpture is revealed – images of objects appear on your skin, while releasing sounds.

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  • Asalto Toronto
    The Night Circus Map # 18

    Asalto Toronto, Union Station65 Front Street West Video Installation

    This project is the result of a participatory performance where the public crawls over a green screen surface. It engages individuals as both participants and spectators and symbolically releases fantasies of overcoming imposed obstacles.

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  • The Body Behind the Body
    The Night Circus Map # 19

    The Body Behind the Body, Design Exchange Exhibition Hall234 Bay Street (Third Floor) Video Installation

    Angelo Musco weaves millions of human bodies into primal and archetypical images, affecting the viewers both consciously and subconsciously. The immersive experience places the audience at the centre to engage and be transformed by its aggregative power.

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  • Fallen Water – Niagara Escarpment
    The Night Circus Map # 20

    Fallen Water – Niagara Escarpment, Brookfield Place181 Bay Street Video Installation

    Featuring dozens of televisions arranged into the shape of a towering waterfall and accompanying river, the water will appear as a constant flow in pink, orange and yellow moving downriver from screen to screen, referencing the origins of Lake Ontario.

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  • Everyone Thinks the Same Thought
    The Night Circus Map # 21

    Everyone Thinks the Same Thought , Commerce Court199 Bay Street Interactive Installation

    You are invited inside a glowing architectural installation ruled by collective thinking. Surrounded by light, video and sound, you will be lulled into sharing a single thought that changes every few minutes, thus becoming more 'we' than 'me.'

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  • Eunoia II
    The Night Circus Map # 22

    Eunoia II, First Canadian Place100 King Street West (Enter the lobby from Bay Street) Interactive Installation

    The artist invites the audience to wear brainwave headsets to create audio-visualizations by manifesting their states of mind as sound and water ripples in the plates mounted atop 48 speakers. Peggy Baker will perform during the first half of the night.

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  • The Guardians
    The Night Circus Map # 23

    The Guardians , Katana on BayBay Street & Temperance Street Photography Installation

    Bringing colours and diversity to the Financial District, The Guardians is a photographic installation of life-size prints that pays tribute to traditional shopkeepers all around the world, offering people a way to reconnect with the past.

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  • Ascension
    Before Day Break Map # 24

    Ascension, 33 Harbour Square Olfactory installation

    Julie C. Fortier proposes an olfactory landscape of the Toronto sky. Fabricated from molecules associated with a palette of colours, the fragrances created will be diffused along an urban passage.

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  • Planetarium / Terminal
    Before Day Break Map # 25

    Planetarium / Terminal, Toronto Ferry Terminal25 Queens Quay West Photography Installation

    The audience will have the experience of visiting an open-air planetarium, looking at the sky overhead framed by the architecture. They will be surrounded by 10 panoramic photographs taken by the artist at the abandoned Montreal Planetarium.

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  • Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change
    Before Day Break Map # 26

    Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change, Harbour Square Park East25 Queens Quay West Film Installation

    A Northern sky devoted to nature where the stars are no longer aligned with the land is projected on a Southern sky dominated with office towers, where the stars are replaced by shining corporate logos.

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  • The Ghost of Modernity, lixiviados
    Before Day Break Map # 27

    The Ghost of Modernity, lixiviados, Harbour Square Park West25 Queens Quay West (Accessible via Harbour Square, southern extension of York St.) Video Installation

    Filmed on a deserted plateau in Mexico, this video introduces a world of contrasts between North and South, rich and poor. It choreographs a Plexiglas cube dancing in a garbage dump over-flown by vultures.

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  • Acadèmia dels Desconfiats (Academy of the Distrustful)
    Before Day Break Map # 28

    Acadèmia dels Desconfiats (Academy of the Distrustful), Showboat Royal Grace, Mariposa Cruises207 Queens Quay West (Access boat via pier south of Queens Quay Terminal) Installation, Photography and related media

    In a boat, seen as a metaphor for knowledge navigation video, objects, images and documents are displayed, showing the sky as a fantasy territory, which challenges the realms of truth.

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  • Espace du silence, special edition for the Nuit Blanche de Toronto
    Before Day Break Map # 29

    Espace du silence, special edition for the Nuit Blanche de Toronto, The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery (exterior)231 Queens Quay West two synchronized projection videos, 30 minutes

    Projected on an oversized screen on the façade of The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, this fascinating film oscillates between nature and abstraction, between still-life and landscape. The ambient soundtrack produces a hypnotic experience.

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  • Silent Dedication
    Before Day Break Map # 30

    Silent Dedication, Harbourfront Centre Theatre235 Queens Quay West 16 mm black and white looped film, 2:45 min.

    This silent black and white film Silent Dedication features a Deaf woman as deity, translating into her native sign language a dedication written by the artist.

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  • Electrosmog Toronto
    Before Day Break Map # 31

    Electrosmog Toronto, The Brigantine Room235 Queens Quay West (Accessed via main entrance to Harbourfront Centre's Main Building.) Video projection and Performance

    Jean-Pierre Aubé deploys his DIY radio gear on the Toronto waterfront. He will be collecting, documenting and recording radiofrequencies, revealing thousands of emissions from personal communications systems, security, commercial beacons and satellites.

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  • October Sky
    Before Day Break Map # 32

    October Sky, Harbourfront Centre Main Building, Bill Boyle Artport, West Side235 Queens Quay West Dance

    A dozen dancers from the School of Toronto Dance Theatre gravitate like stars around two protagonists engaged in a lengthy cosmic ritual. The constellations come together and break apart in this fascinating duet.

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  • Pas de deux pas de
    Before Day Break Map # 33

    Pas de deux pas de, Harbourfront Centre, Ann Tindal Park235 Queens Quay West Choreographic duet for spotlights based on a free interpretation of a choreographic score of Swan Lake, Act III, Choreography Ivanoff – Petipa – Sergejew

    Human-size spotlights light up, present themselves, avoid and synchronize with each other, or not, attempting to interpret an endless love duet and pas de deux, throughout the night.

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    Independent Project Map # 34

    BEAUTY VS. THE WORLD, Cloud Gardens14 Temperance Street Light Installation

    Through an immersive series of contemporary text-based light works, the Shiseido view of beauty is celebrated with the words & art of Robert Montgomery. Blending language & light Montgomery creates translucent poetry. Beauty is Empathy. Love is a verb.

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  • Phat Free
    Independent Project Map # 35

    Phat Free , Union Station, West Wing65 Front Street West Video Installation

    Experience darkness with an unidentified, metallic percussive sound. The artist then appears kicking a metal bucket down a New York City street at night. The gesture allows for multiple interpretations, referring to "kick the can" or "kicking the bucket."

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  • Slow Angle Walk (Beckett Walk)
    Independent Project Map # 36

    Slow Angle Walk (Beckett Walk), Union Station, West Wing65 Front Street West Video Installation

    Inspired by works of Samuel Beckett, Bruce Nauman performed laborious movements videotaped sideways, and appears to defy gravity. As the protagonist, Nauman has used his body as an expressive instrument in motion and gesture to comment on human condition.

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  • The Rainbow Serpent
    Independent Project Map # 37

    The Rainbow Serpent, 361 University Avenue (Between Osgoode Hall and the University Avenue Courthouse) Kinetic Sculpture

    The Rainbow Serpent is the traditional Water Spirit of the Australian Aboriginal people in a place called “Gondwanaland”. It is a shared myth across many tribes, see what Toronto’s Rainbow Serpent thinks of the former rivers and tributaries of the City.

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  • Built for Art: A Secret Garden
    Independent Project Map # 38

    Urbanspace Property Group

    Built for Art: A Secret Garden, 401 Richmond401 Richmond Street West (Accessible entrances off Richmond Street and at Richmond Street/Spadina Avenue.), (416) 595-5900 A heritage building filled with a vibrant mix of installations, performances, tenant-gallery exhibitions and more!

    401 Richmond is a one-stop high-energy artistic experience, representing a synergy between on-site galleries, tenant artists, and the broader arts community - all under one roof!

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  • Sensational Words
    Independent Project Map # 39

    Aga Khan Museum, Aga Khan Park & Ismaili Center Toronto

    Sensational Words, Aga Khan Museum, Aga Khan Park & Ismaili Centre Toronto49 Wynford Drive Interactive Installation

    A showcase of inspirational architecture and programs that express a commitment to pluralism and cultural diversity, with a program exploring the power of words in the digital age.

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  • Legacy
    Independent Project Map # 40

    Art Gallery of Ontario

    Legacy, Art Gallery of Ontario317 Dundas Street West Installation

    Animated GIFs of iconic, black cultural figures from across time invite visitors to see the AGO’s collection in new and unexpected ways.  

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  • Yonder
    Independent Project Map # 41

    Artscape Youngplace

    Yonder, Artscape Youngplace/Koffler Gallery180 Shaw Street (Accessible by TTC from Queen and Dundas street cars, and 63 Ossington bus southbound from Ossington subway station.) Installation

    Yonder on display in the Koffler as well as all 3 Hallway Galleries. Exploring themes of inter-cultural translation, displacement and identity construction, this exhibition brings together a group of artists whose works examine the immigrant condition.

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  • Salute the 6ix ~ Piece by Piece
    Independent Project Map # 42

    Bata Shoe Museum

    Salute the 6ix ~ Piece by Piece, Bata Shoe Museum327 Bloor Street WestBloor Street West & St. George Street Social Sculpture

    Known as ‘The 6ix’ world-wide – thanks to our home boy Drake – show your pride for Toronto and be part of a unique puzzle sculpture that captures what you love about this city.  Add your word or cool symbol and watch the puzzle sculpture grow!

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  • Portals
    Independent Project Map # 43

    The Drake

    Portals, The Drake Hotel1150 Queen Street West (Patio), (416) 531-5042 Light Installation

    This monumental light sculpture is an environment guests can walk through and explore. Made from hundreds of two gallon plastic buckets and lit from within, challenging our notions of reality and inspiring guests to consider the potential in all things. 

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  • White Line
    Independent Project Map # 44

    The Drake

    White Line, Drake One Fifty150 York Street (Patio), (416) 363-6150 Light Installation

    This monumental light sculpture that is like an epic ribbon, twisting and turning for most of a city block. Made from hundreds of 2 gallon plastic buckets and lit from within, it is an environment guests can walk through and explore. 

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  • Bleue et Blanche
    Independent Project Map # 45

    Gardiner Museum

    Bleue et Blanche, Gardiner Museum111 Queen's Park, (416) 586-8080 Open Admission

    Explore the Museum's renowned collections, including pottery from the ancient Americas and cutting-edge contemporary works. See the recently renovated European porcelain galleries, featuring a sumptuous recreation of an 18th-century English dessert table.

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  • Fly By Night
    Independent Project Map # 46

    The Gladstone Hotel

    Fly By Night, The Gladstone Hotel1214 Queen Street WestGladstone Ave & Queen Street West (Corner of Gladstone Ave and Queen Street West. All Venue spaces accessible from Queen Street lobby south entrance. Wheelchair ramp via Queen Street into hotel's Melody Bar south entrance. Staff-operated Elevator for access to 2nd floor Installations.) Installation

    The Gladstone Hotel is pleased to present Fly By Night 2016 during Nuit Blanche Toronto.Guests will experience the visual, experiential, and participatory in the Gladstone including installations on the 2nd floor, a Video Dance Party, Karaoke and more!

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  • Stories We Tell
    Independent Project Map # 47

    Harbourfront Centre

    Stories We Tell, Harbourfront Centre235 Queens Quay West (Main Building (Bill Boyle Artport) is at the corner of Lower Simcoe Street and Queens Quay West.), (416) 973-4000 Installations and group exhibitions throughout the Main Building (Bill Boyle Artport)

    Wander and explore the idea of narrative within visual arts within four different exhibitions. Also, you will be able to view artists working in the Craft & Design Studio corridor until 11:00 p.m.

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    Independent Project Map # 48

    OCAD University

    MULTIPLEX, OCAD University100 McCaul Street Video Installation

    Essay film and video marathon by local and international artists and designers. Multi-screens, multi-projections and multi-interfaces all night.

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  • Laneway Canopy: Public Living Space
    Independent Project Map # 49

    Mark Francis

    Laneway Canopy: Public Living Space, 25 Kensington Avenue (Between Flashback and Fashion Old and New. At Dundas Street and Kensington Avenue, north on Kensington Avenue half a block, and laneway will be on the east side of the street.), (647) 328-7089 Installation

    Laneway Canopy is a disruptive urban intervention. This project caps an oft-neglected urban spatial typology to showcase the beautiful potential of our leftover spaces.Engage with art in the lane!

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  • Cymatic Theremin
    Independent Project Map # 51

    Varipix Art Collective

    Cymatic Theremin, 401 Richmond401 Richmond Street West Interactive Installation

    The installation consists of a theremin and a a speaker with a plate containing water. Participants take turns moving their hands around the antenna of the theremin, creating sounds that cause the plate to vibrate and water-patterns to emerge.

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  • Girl Talk
    Independent Project Map # 52

    Zahra Saleki

    Girl Talk, 401 Richmond401 Richmond Street West Photography Installation

    This piece is an ongoing photo-based installation about graffiti drawn by girls in public washrooms which was collected from more than 500 bars in Toronto, New York and Montreal.This piece will be presented in an immersive light box.

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  • Leaving Still
    Independent Project Map # 53

    A Theatre Gargantua SideStream Cycle: The Sephine Collective Production

    Leaving Still, 401 Richmond401 Richmond (Leaving Still takes place in and around the freight elevator on the ground floor.) Solo performance with audience interaction and installation

    Leaving Still explores the history of us - from the microcosm of the artist’s family history to the macrocosm of the Big Bang. In about the time it takes to make a sandwich.Leaving Still aims to transform by connecting and creating something from nothing.

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  • Nova
    Independent Project Map # 54

    [R]ed[U]x Lab

    Nova, 401 Richmond401 Richmond Street West, (647) 892-9473 Interactive Installation

    A walk into installation exploring the illusion of infinity and expansiveness with proximity-activated light patterns amongst hidden mirrors.  

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    Independent Project Map # 55

    [R]ed[U]x Lab

    SOMNIUM, 401 Richmond401 Richmond Street West, (416) 409-0902 Interactive Installation

    The floor-to-ceiling spires initially appear still and dimly lit, as if asleep. But upon approach, the fabric cover is drawn upwards, and a soft inner light kindles into brightness. Together the spires stir and awaken as if from a dream.

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  • We Are The City
    Independent Project Map # 56

    Diaspora Dialogues

    We Are The City , 401 Richmond401 Richmond Street West Interactive Installation

    An ecologically-themed video installation that will act as an animated corridor, depicting the necessity of treating all matter with the same respect and care we reserve for humans. Poets read every hour, on the hour.

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  • Sparks
    Independent Project Map # 57

    Virginia Melynk

    Sparks, Aga Khan Park77 Wynford Drive Installation

    Built from a hard structure and covered in soft stretching fabric, several "sparks" are clustered together to create space inside. Light glows from inside through the soft fabric while the colours change. Shadows and silhouettes dance in the light.

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  • CharBagh
    Independent Project Map # 58

    Faisal Anwar - Aga Khan Museum and Aga Khan Council Canada

    CharBagh, Aga Khan Museum and Ismaili Center Toronto77 Wynford Drive (, General no: 416-646-4677 New Media Installation

    Visit, explore and interact with CharBagh, a large scale digital garden that will be projected on the facade of the Aga Khan Museum and presented at the Ismaili Center.

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  • #TeeterTotter
    Independent Project Map # 59

    Julian Michael Majewski

    #TeeterTotter, Artscape Youngplace180 Shaw Street (accessible by Argyle Street or Queen Street West.) Interactive Installation

    This work promotes a positive message towards DIY culture and aesthetic creation via recycling, repurposing, and scavenging. Anticipate the highly unique #teetertotter to further evoke feelings of optimism and childhood joy while interacting with it!

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  • Basho Bingo
    Independent Project Map # 60

    The Wabi-Sabi Collective

    Basho Bingo, Artscape Youngplace180 Shaw Street Interactive Installation

    A playful immersion in the wabi-sabi aesthetic and architecture of Renku, the Japanese-style collaborative linked verse from which modern Haiku evolved. Then add your own verse or wish to the branches of our Tanabata-style Haiku tree. 

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  • Colour Odyssey
    Independent Project Map # 61

    Yaw Tony

    Colour Odyssey, Artscape Youngplace180 Shaw Street Video Installation

    A love of colour is an appreciation of the value of its impact in our daily lives. However, this appreciation is only measured by what you are willing to see. The colour patterns of this installation are created to ease the audiences’ anxiety and stress.

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  • Incunabula Wall
    Independent Project Map # 62

    Alejandro Arauz

    Incunabula Wall, Artscape Youngplace180 Shaw Street (On main floor, far right.), (647) 530-3015 Interactive Installation

    A video, sculptural relief and commercial signage installation exploring the vernacular and procedures used at ports of entry.  Participants create take away impressions. The Incunabula Wall continues the exploration of identity, lineage and diaspora.      

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  • The Museum
    Independent Project Map # 63

    Novka Ćosović

    The Museum, Artscape Youngplace180 Shaw Street (Studio 108) Art and Film Installation

    During the war, the morgues were either blown up or at full capacity. So they used a swimming pool as a morgue.   After the war, they try to bring back that space to its original state.It’s a pool, but it’s not a pool. It’s a space perverted by war.

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  • Cushion: An Interactive Media Womb
    Independent Project Map # 64


    Cushion: An Interactive Media Womb, Bata Shoe Museum327 Bloor Street West (Near the main entrance of the Bata Shoe Museum, located in the back alley off St. George Street.) Interactive Installation

    Take refuge from the buzz of the city in a space of reflection. Interact with friendly beings that inhabit the alley. Allow your thoughts to wander in an atmosphere created by touch, light and sound.

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  • Melting
    Independent Project Map # 65

    Evan Steingarten and Jason van Horne

    Melting, The Bata Shoe Museum327 Bloor Street West (Beside the Bata Shoe Museum entrance on Bloor Street, just west of St. George Street.), (416) 979-7799 Ext. 228 Photography and Ice Sculpture Installation

    Photographs of glacier ice are displayed on sculpted pedestals and frames formed from manufactured ice. With internal lights they become beacons slowly melting throughout the night, creating a metaphor for global warming and the importance of water.

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  • Navigating Wellness
    Independent Project Map # 66

    Workman Arts and New Adventures in Sound Art

    Navigating Wellness, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health1001 Queen Street West (outdoors on the grounds of CAMH behind the Workman Arts “Pop Up” Gallery at Queen Street West at Gordon Bell Road.), (416) 583-4339 Sound Installation

    A site specific sound installation reflecting lived experience of recovery and wellness. Visitors will experience a contemplative auditory environment composed from sound art pieces created by artists of Workman Arts.

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  • Wall With Kaleidoscope Eyes
    Independent Project Map # 67

    Coldstream Fine Art

    Wall With Kaleidoscope Eyes, Coldstream Fine Art80 Spadina Avenue(King Street & Spadina Avenue), (416) 909-9825 Installation

    This installation offers a series of large kaleidoscopes in a tesselated bunch, each offering other-worldly portals into abstract photographic art. Fragmented and made symmetrical by the trueness of optics: a wall of psychadelia on a night of insomnia.

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  • Patchwork Village
    Independent Project Map # 68

    Jamii & CORPUS

    Patchwork Village, David Crombie ParkThe Esplanade & Princess Street Performance Art

    Tales of The Esplanade patchwork. Celebrating the 1976 vision. Embracing our villagers’ stories. Inviting each and all of you on an intimate journey.

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  • Browsing
    Independent Project Map # 69

    David Mirvish Books

    Browsing, David Mirvish Books596 Markham Street (Storefront gallery), 416 Installation

    Bringing the scale of outdoor signage indoors, Jazvac has wrapped and animated the inside of the former David Mirvish Books with a massive new collage of salvaged billboards. 

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  • Korsi
    Independent Project Map # 70

    Maziar Ghaderi

    Korsi, The Gardiner Museum111 Queens Park (Front plaza), (647) 832-6291 Installation

    Korsi is an intimate and interactive installation of a low table found in rural Iran decorated with donated blankets and arranged with heaters underneath it.

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    Independent Project Map # 71

    Scaleshift, X-Topia/OSW, Beites & Co. supported by DATAlab | University of Waterloo, School of Architecture

    URBAN SYNCOPATION, Gardiner Museum111 Queens Park (Terrace Room - third floor) Interactive Installation

    This installation temporarily cloaks urban surfaces with a patterned, responsive and performative skin that functions as a dynamic interface that renders visible the unseen traces of the city's occupation while weaving them into a new spatial network.

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  • The World in Ten Blocks @ Nuit Blanche
    Independent Project Map # 72

    Lost Time Media

    The World in Ten Blocks @ Nuit Blanche, La Bella Managua872 Bloor Street West(Bloor Street & Ossington Street), (647) 459-6438 Interactive Installation

    Explore the stories of immigrant small business owners in an interactive documentary experience that immerses you—virtually and physically—in the sights and sounds of Bloorcourt, one of Toronto’s most multicultural and vibrant neighbourhoods.

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  • Maison/Home
    Independent Project Map # 73


    Maison/Home, Markham House610 Markham Street Installation

    Scattered among lit small houses, the tall and luminous lightboxes of printed antique dolls stand guard. At the far end of the installation, a disproportionate music box is standing, waiting for people to interact. Sounds of whining dolls and lullabies.

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  • The Legacy of Honest Ed’s
    Independent Project Map # 74

    Markham House

    The Legacy of Honest Ed’s, Markham House610 Markham Street (City Building Lab) Mural

    Two independent mural projects: one inverts shop windows to reflect the pattern of daily life, and the other reimagines the idols of Mirvish Village, in a live painting performance over the course of 12 hours. 

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  • Conversational Partner
    Independent Project Map # 75

    Allie Brenner & Laura Snider

    Conversational Partner, Mirvish Village581 Bloor Street West (Honest Ed’s Parking Lot, accessible by Lennox Street or Honest Ed's Alley.) Interactive Installation

    Communication technology is ever evolving, modifying the ways we interact and negotiate socially. The installation of interactive tin can phone sculptures creates an opportunity for participation with the work and with each other in the public space.

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  • Who Are We?
    Independent Project Map # 76

    Monsignor Fraser College (Isabella Campus)

    Who Are We?, Monsignor Fraser College - Isabella Campus146 Isabella Street(Sherbourne Street & Bloor Street) (main entrance, accessible from Isabella Street), (416) 393-5533 Interactive Installation

    The purpose of the installation is to counter existing myths about marginalized students and to assert that they are as diverse and dynamic as the patterns a kaleidoscope generates.   

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  • Bike Date / Rest Stop Bike Repair Shop
    Independent Project Map # 77

    Techne Institute for Arts and Emerging Technologies, University of Buffalo Department of Media Study

    Bike Date / Rest Stop Bike Repair Shop, The Royal Conservatory of Music273 Bloor Street West (Roaming along the Bloor Street Culture Corridor between Avenue Road and Bathurst Street, making a stop in front of The Royal Conservatory of Music throughout the night) Take a seat! Broadcast conversations between the artist and audience about public transportation: Is it affordable, is it accessible, and for who? The roadway as a public space: is it, for what public? The artist and audience can do bike repair while they talk.

    Rest Stop Bike Repair Shop provides a vehicle for citizens to engage in a dialogue, transforming the auto dictated site of the roadway into a site of performance and the roadway into a social space.

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  • The Firefly Effect
    Independent Project Map # 78

    Idia Lab + Landscape Architecture - Ball State University

    The Firefly Effect, The Royal Conservatory of Music273 Bloor Street West (on the Bloor Street Culture Corridor) Interactive Installation

    The Firefly Effect is a personally actuated multi-media art event, accessed through a mobile app that sends out a pulsing light and vibration at the pace of a contemplative walk. Participants transform into maximum potential.

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  • Weight
    Independent Project Map # 79

    Rosary Solimanto

    Weight, The Royal Conservatory of Music273 Bloor Street West (The performance walk will be active and constantly moving on the Bloor Street Culture Corridor, between Avenue Road and Bathurst Street, with a hub out front of The Royal Conservatory of Music), (845) 443-1807 Performance Art

    Participate in the endurance performance. 20lb steel boots will be worn for 12 hours by a performer with multiple sclerosis. Exploring prejudicial misconceptions about invisible illnesses. You may try on steel boots, talk with performer and join the walk.

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  • Stratatone
    Independent Project Map # 80

    [R]ed[U]x Lab

    Stratatone, Ryerson Artspace at The Gladstone Hotel1214 Queen Street West, (705) 796-1312 Interactive Installation

    Society is defined by webs of communication; widely distributed and highly distorted. A message becomes more abstracted the more people pass it along.As people traverse the project area, sensors interfere, abstracting the forms and images being drawn.

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  • Mapping People
    Independent Project Map # 81

    Julie Cosgrove and Riaz Mehmood

    Mapping People, Sonic Boom215 Spadina Ave (In the front window, viewable from the street.) Projection

    This installation is a participant-driven projection that aims to engage imagined and real space through movement, and explores the potential for exchanges and new experiences.

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  • Photon Gallery 2.0
    Independent Project Map # 82

    Site 3 coLaboratory

    Photon Gallery 2.0, Site 3 coLaboratory718R Ossington Avenue Installation

    Take a stroll through a garden of LED plants, play a game of Tetris in between light shows on our external-facing glass brick wall, or relax under a ceiling of multi-colored light-sensitive stars in our workshop!

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  • Beyond
    Independent Project Map # 83

    group 4d2

    Beyond, Spadina Museum285 Spadina Road (Accessible via Dupont and St. Clair West Stations. North on Spadina from Dupont or south on Spadina from St. Clair.), (416) 392-6910 Interactive Installation

    This exhibition explores inaccessible realms and redefined space through ten large-scale interactive sculptural, film, textile and light installations. Spectacular natural setting with hot drinks, bonfires and delicious food.

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  • Residential School Memorial
    Independent Project Map # 84

    St. Joseph's College School, TCDSB

    Residential School Memorial, St. Joseph's College School74 Wellesley Street West, (647) 964-2453 Installation

    Illuminated talking sticks representing the 139 residential schools in Canada, each one placed in a clear mailing tube attached to our school fence.After the event, the talking sticks will be distributed to different schools to continue the dialogue.

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  • 100 Libraries. 99 Books
    Independent Project Map # 85

    Department of Household Sciences and Advanced Proverbs

    100 Libraries. 99 Books, St. Matthew's United Church729 St. Clair Avenue West Interactive Installation

    Visit 100 libraries from around the world and enjoy 99 books secured by chains. Bring a book to catalog and borrow it back. Make a mini-book, practice calligraphy or post a nomination of a library and book special to you. Low tech in a heritage church.

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  • 13 MOONS
    Independent Project Map # 86


    13 MOONS, THE 519519 Church Street (1st Floor) Interactive Installation

    Explore the power of magic, residing and pouring from the spirits of womxn of colour.

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  • Balancing on the Edge
    Independent Project Map # 87

    Thin Edge New Music Collective and A Girl in the Sky Productions

    Balancing on the Edge, The Collective Space221 Sterling Avenue, (647) 456-7597 Performance Art

    Balancing on the Edge will explore via a deeply integrated relationship between contemporary music and contemporary circus arts, the myriad of ways in which modern humanity is precariously balanced on the edge of survival and evolution.

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  • Silent Conversation
    Independent Project Map # 88

    University of Toronto Schools

    Silent Conversation, University of Toronto Schools371 Bloor Street West Interactive Installation

    On subways and sidewalks, in line for coffee: so much is silently imparted with a glance, posture or position. These many points of contact challenge the typical image of the impersonal city.  What might these unspoken yet reciprocal exchanges produce?

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  • CITYLights Toronto 2016
    Independent Project Map # 89

    Toronto Lighting Collaborative and Dereck Revington

    CITYLights Toronto 2016, Victoria Memorial Square10 Niagara Street Light Installation

    Working with well-known lighting designers & artists, groups of Toronto design students will create and implement temporary installations that use lighting equipment to illuminate landscape features and public art within Victoria Memorial Square. 

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  • Growing On You
    Independent Project Map # 90

    Whippersnapper Gallery

    Growing On You, Whippersnapper Gallery594b Dundas Street West (near the North-East Corner of Dundas Street West and Augusta Avenue.) Kinetic Sculpture

    The gallery is infested with a parasitic swarm of kinetic sound sculptures, made from accordion parts, plastic tubing, motors and wooden armatures. A poetic soundscape born from the uneasiness of the city, part installation part infestation.

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  • Lightgeist
    Independent Project Map # 91

    Michael Jursic and Winchester Public School

    Lightgeist, Winchester Public SchoolRose Avenue & Prospect Street (south of Prospect Street, on the west side.) Installation

    Capturing emotions on large, whimsical portraits made entirely of fluorescent wire and black light.

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