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My Night

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  • A Monument to the Century of Revolutions, GREAT October socialist revolution, Russia 1917
    Performance Anxiety Map # 1

    A Monument to the Century of Revolutions, GREAT October socialist revolution, Russia 1917 , Nathan Phillips Square100 Queen Street West Social Sculpture

    This revolution erupted in the middle of the brutal first world war and thus, as an anti-war movement. 

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  • Village Print Shop
    Performance Anxiety Map # 2

    Village Print Shop, Nathan Phillips Square100 Queen Street West Interactive Installation

    This temporary community print shop engages with the public to print materials for various participating artist activists and organizations. This project is an active print and distribution hub to disseminate the voices of the revolution.

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  • Yugoslav Partisan anti-fascist struggle and the non-aligned movement
    Performance Anxiety Map # 3

    Yugoslav Partisan anti-fascist struggle and the non-aligned movement , Nathan Phillips Square100 Queen Street West Social Sculpture

    The imagery used in this container display reflects a rich culture of memorials to the victims of the war in Yugoslavia and contains historical slogans of the partisan struggle.

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  • German Revolution of 1918-19
    Performance Anxiety Map # 4

    German Revolution of 1918-19, Nathan Phillips Square100 Queen Street West Social Sculpture

    Inspired by the electrifying impact of the Bolshevik Revolution and the experience of the horrors of the First World War, the German working class rose up. # Rosa Luxemburg #Germanrevolution1918 #nopoliceviolence #derstijl #antifascism #leftfront

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  • Postcapitalist Propaganda
    Performance Anxiety Map # 5

    Postcapitalist Propaganda, Nathan Phillips Square100 Queen Street West Interactive Installation

    Postcapitalist Propaganda is an interactive advertising campaign, using  animation, printed matter and live performance. It’s about a future where postcapitalism is hegemonic and capitalism is resistant.

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  • Toronto Through Sound
    Performance Anxiety Map # 6

    Toronto Through Sound, Nathan Phillips Square100 Queen Street West Sound Installation

    Toronto Through Sound is a 10 minute soundscape that explores Toronto’s rich Immigrant and Indigenous History over the last 50 years, with a focus on the present and a glance into the possible future. 

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  • Cosmic Melanin: Enter The Loop
    Performance Anxiety Map # 7

    Cosmic Melanin: Enter The Loop, Nathan Phillips Square100 Queen Street West Performance Art

    Enter inside a stargate with 88 Days Of Fortune + Friends!Join us where art, music and magic combine to help shift us all into a new dimension filled with positivity and hope for a better world.

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  • Colour Revolutions
    Performance Anxiety Map # 8

    Colour Revolutions, Nathan Phillips Square100 Queen Street West Social Sculpture

    The color revolutions are notable for the important role of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) often sponsored by CIA or other US based funds.  

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  • Monument to (Im)mobilization
    Performance Anxiety Map # 9

    Monument to (Im)mobilization, Nathan Phillips Square100 Queen Street West Interactive Installation

    Monument to (Im)mobilization sees migrants in struggle as revolutionaries. It is a 1:1 scale installation of a maximum security immigration detention cell accompanied by audio/textual artifacts of migrants in revolutionary moments in recent history.

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  • The Viminal Space
    Performance Anxiety Map # 10

    The Viminal Space, Nathan Phillips Square100 Queen Street West Interactive Installation

    The Viminal Space explores the social and legal framing of sex workers as victims and criminals simultaneously: victims if they do not agree to be criminalized and criminals if they don’t agree to be victimized.

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  • How we RISE from our struggles
    Performance Anxiety Map # 11

    How we RISE from our struggles, Nathan Phillips Square100 Queen Street West Interactive Installation

    The RISE container represents the distance between the heart and the mind.  Explore the struggles created by oppression, and the disconnect in the harmony of the mind and heart. Vulnerability is the platform for human existence.

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  • 1968 through continents (Paris, Oakland, and elswhere)
    Performance Anxiety Map # 12

    1968 through continents (Paris, Oakland, and elswhere), Nathan Phillips Square100 Queen Street West Social Sculpture

    Fifty years after the first socialist revolutions, the new movements of the poor, oppressed and excluded rose up as a global tsunami.

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  • Perestroika in the USSR and 1989
    Performance Anxiety Map # 13

    Perestroika in the USSR and 1989 , Nathan Phillips Square100 Queen Street West Social Sculpture

    Perestroika was a political movement for reformation within the Communist Party of the Soviet Union during the 1980s until 1991 widely associated with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and his glasnost (meaning "openness") policy reform.

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  • The Stolen People
    Performance Anxiety Map # 14

    The Stolen People, Nathan Phillips Square100 Queen Street West Intervention

    The Stolen People transports the public 100 years into the future- to a post-apocalyptic bunker holding great secrets. By day, a work station for the proletariat,  by night, home to an underground alliance.  

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  • Mexican Revolution 1917 Zapatistas Army of National Liberation Uprizing 1994
    Performance Anxiety Map # 15

    Mexican Revolution 1917 Zapatistas Army of National Liberation Uprizing 1994, Nathan Phillips Square100 Queen Street West Social Sculpture

    A revolution of the masses, led by insurgent peasants Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata, ushered in, among many things, the movement of Mexican muralism.

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  • The Rematriation of Revolution featuring Red Slam
    Performance Anxiety Map # 16

    The Rematriation of Revolution featuring Red Slam, Nathan Phillips Square100 Queen Street West Performance Art

    Bring your Medicine. Bring your Message. Engage with us; through HipHop Warriorism; exploring the interconnectivity of intention on this land and our capacity to awaken resilience.

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  • China Revolution and the “The Little Red Book” of Revolutions
    Performance Anxiety Map # 17

    China Revolution and the “The Little Red Book” of Revolutions, Nathan Phillips Square100 Queen Street West Social Sculpture

    The Chinese Communist Revolution started from 1945 and by October 1, 1949 the People's Republic of China was established.

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  • 'More or Less'
    Performance Anxiety Map # 18

    'More or Less', Nathan Phillips Square100 Queen Street West Installation

    A collaboration between the artists, Carole Condé + Karl Beveridge, and members of Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP). The project addresses issues of poverty and the history of resistance by the dispossessed in Toronto.

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  • Cuban Revolution, 1959. Patria o Muerte
    Performance Anxiety Map # 19

    Cuban Revolution, 1959. Patria o Muerte, Nathan Phillips Square100 Queen Street West Social Sculpture

    The Cuban Revolution had a profound cultural impact creating the new possibilities for anti-colonial struggles around the world.

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  • Lukumi Dub Opera: 150 Years Before & After
    Performance Anxiety Map # 20

    Lukumi Dub Opera: 150 Years Before & After , Nathan Phillips Square100 Queen Street West Performance Art

    Lukumi Dub Opera by d’bi.young anitafrika is an afro-futurist performance art piece that explores a fictitious environmental fallout from a nuclear disaster, set in Ontario. It casts an eye 150 into the past and 150 years into the future.

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  • Domesticate Me
    Performance Anxiety Map # 21

    Domesticate Me, Nathan Phillips Square100 Queen Street West Interactive Installation

    “Domesticate Me” re-tells the story of the capabilities of women, by focusing on the importance of domestic labour and reimagining them in a visual language not often portrayed by mass media and society.

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  • Won't Back Down
    The possibility of everything Map # 22

    Won't Back Down, College Street & Queens Park (Located within Queens Park road closure) Intervention

    An exuberant gathering atop a flatbed truck evokes a moment in Toronto’s history when members of the Black Lives Matter movement came together in a march from  Toronto Police Headquarters and Native Child and Family Services to Queen’s Park.

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  • Holding Still // Holding Together
    The possibility of everything Map # 23

    Holding Still // Holding Together, Medical Sciences Building Courtyard1 Kings College Circle (Accessible from Queen's Park Crescent road closure.) Installation

    One of the tools of protest is passive resistance. Removing all visible symbols of power, a group of dancers imitate these complicated gestures including clutching, holding, rescuing and caring.

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  • Listen to the Chorus
    The possibility of everything Map # 24

    Listen to the Chorus, Ontario Police Memorial Park23 Queen's Park Crescent East (Accessible from Queen's Park Crescent and from Grosvenor Street.) Installation

    A multi-screen chorus mimics, disrupts, and reimagines words and conversations around the state of women’s rights and our possible futures.

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  • Spectre of the Future Accused
    The possibility of everything Map # 25

    Spectre of the Future Accused, McLuhan Coach House39 Queen's Park Crescent East New Media Installation

    This project brings to life the Canadian socialist W.A. Pritchard who was arrested for organizing the Winnipeg General Strike of 1919. Speaking for three straight days to defend himself, his speech is adapted and exhibited for the present.

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  • Automobile
    The possibility of everything Map # 26

    Automobile, Wellesley Street West & Queen's Park Crescent West (Access the Queen's Park Crescent underpass from Wellesley Street West.) Variable channel sound performance for cars with super modified stereo systems.

    Meeting after hours, cars are gathered and ignite engines and speakers simultaneously in an orchestrated effort. The sounds make people feel the music through the body and with dance.Thank you to Ontario Bass Society

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  • Where Once Stood a Bandstand for Cruising & Shelter
    The possibility of everything Map # 27

    Where Once Stood a Bandstand for Cruising & Shelter, Queen's Park Cres & Queen's Park North (Accessible from the Queen's Park Crescent road closure in Queens Park (north of the Legislative Building)) Sculpture & Performance

    Prose, dialogue, quotes, and lists  get word out for protests. Attached to a massive bronze equestrian statue, the banners counter with a warm, pulsing, desiring, horizontal political body.

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  • Horses
    The possibility of everything Map # 28

    Horses, 59 Queen's Park CrescentQueen's Park Crescent & St. Joseph Street Intervention

    Horses wander amongst the crowds in the urban space where they were once common. Their sudden appearance makes the city visible as an environment exclusively designed for humans, cars, and pets.

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  • Dream Variations
    The possibility of everything Map # 29

    Dream Variations, University of Toronto, Faculty of Music, Edward Johnson Building80 Queens Park Intervention

    In search of revival, the visitor will find a contemplative, meditative, and generative space for rest with cots, blankets, and audio,- offering time for dreaming and imagine other worlds.Performances presented with the collaboration of the University of Toronto, Faculty of Music

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  • Serpent People
    The Night Circus Map # 30

    Serpent People, Albert Street & James Street (behind Old City Hall) Live Theatre Provocation, Intervention, Interactive Installation

    A series of interactive theatrical provocations on human consumption based on The Black Sturgeon stories, grounded in Anishinaabe Intelligence from Nipissing First Nation, North Bay, as told by Perry Mcleod-Shabogeesic.

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  • Laxa’ine’ gigukwdzikasi’ gigukwas Hayałiligase’, The Many Large Houses of the Ghosts
    The Night Circus Map # 31

    Laxa’ine’ gigukwdzikasi’ gigukwas Hayałiligase’, The Many Large Houses of the Ghosts, Old City Hall Clock TowerBay Street & Temperance Street Projection, Installation, Intervention

    Projections of hand-drawn pictographs on the Old City Hall clock tower recall colonial history and address unresolved histories with Indigenous peoples. Nicolson presents her work as a guest outside of the west coast.

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  • In Conversation: Becoming an Accomplice
    The Night Circus Map # 32

    In Conversation: Becoming an Accomplice, Cloud Gardens14 Temperance Street Participatory Installation, Social Sculpture

    This project centres on solidarity building with Indigenous Nations based on the articles Notes on Becoming an Accomplice and Sister Notes on Becoming an Accomplice.

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  • Manitowapow, speaking to the moon
    The Night Circus Map # 33

    Manitowapow, speaking to the moon, First Canadian Place100 King Street West (East Atrium - accessible from Bay Street) New Media Installation, Sculpture

    Wigwam-informed domes project imagery of human impact on the earth. Complemented by ambient audio recordings of the land, this immersive 360-degree experience reflects on contemporary environmental issues as witnessed by the moon above. 

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  • Kitakio'sinnooniks
    The Night Circus Map # 34

    Kitakio'sinnooniks, Campbell House Museum160 Queen Street West (back entrance) Film Installation, Performance Art

    A theatrical parody on evening entertainment for roaming insomniacs alike broadcast live from Campbell House Museum over 12 hours. Programming includes audience interviews, invited guests, a midnight tea party, live music, and film screenings.

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  • the future is a distorted landscape
    Before Day Break Map # 35

    the future is a distorted landscape, Dundas Street & Centre Street (The project will also be hosted on a number of screens along Dundas Street West to Yonge-Dundas Square.) Video Installation

    This new video installation, dispersed across multiple screens, imagines visions of a potential future, both good and bad, offering a way to encourage the collective creation of a better one.

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  • The treaty is in the body
    Before Day Break Map # 36

    The treaty is in the body, Trinity Square Park24 Trinity Square (The project is adjacent to the Toronto Public Labyrinth in Trinity Square Park. Entrance to the project is at the north end of the park.) Video Installation

    Lukin Linklater works to transmit ideas which though invisible our bodies respond to. "The treaty is in the body" arose out of the artist’s research on Indigenous understandings of treaty, which implicate Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada.

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  • 1967: A People Kind of Place
    Before Day Break Map # 37

    1967: A People Kind of Place, Toronto City Hall (north side)Elizabeth Street & Hagerman Street Video Installation

    In 1967 the town of St. Paul, Alberta erected the world’s first UFO Landing Pad. Proclaimed as a symbol of Western hospitality, this site becomes a focal point for the artist's video exploration of Canadian immigration reform.Plays at :00, :20, :40 mins.

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  • Embassy
    Before Day Break Map # 38

    Embassy, Dundas Street West & Chestnut Street Installation

    Embassy is an imagined, temporary, foreign mission. This large-scale installation built from scaffolding and building wrap suggests a space half-built, still in process, on its way to becoming something larger and more permanent.

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  • The Forest
    Before Day Break Map # 39

    The Forest, AGO Art Gallery of Ontario, Walker Court317 Dundas Street West Performance and Installation

    The Forest: 6:58 pm – 2 am Visit The Forest, a performance inspired by the low-tech ingenuity of the human microphone. Digital Echo 2 – 7 amAs quickly as a group comes together, it disappears, leaving only silence and traces of the crowd.

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    Independent Project Map # 40

    TRUTH, Yonge-Dundas Square1 Dundas Street East Sculpture

    TRUTH argues the potential of something or someone that might otherwise be rejected or thrown away. Using recycled clothing and textiles from H&M’s Garment Collecting Initiative, TRUTH, reimagines discarded garments transformed into a work of art. 

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  • Extracurricular Activity Projective Reconstruction #1 (A Domestic Scene)
    Independent Project Map # 41

    Extracurricular Activity Projective Reconstruction #1 (A Domestic Scene), Design Exchange234 Bay Street Video Installation

    Inspired by a photo found in a high school yearbook, the original, a still from a school play, depicts two young men in a shabby apartment. From this image Kelley has re-staged a 'Domestic Scene': the protagonists' unnerving, histrionic, relationship.

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  • Brick, Brink and a Space in Between
    Independent Project Map # 42

    401 Richmond

    Brick, Brink and a Space in Between, 401 Richmond Street West Drawing, Video, Installation, and Perfromance

    From dusk until dawn, 401 Richmond presents a program of challenging and exciting exhibitions, installations and performances created by both homegrown talent and by artists from as far away as the Canadian Arctic. 

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  • Nomadic Architecture
    Independent Project Map # 43

    Aga Khan Museum, Aga Khan Park & Ismaili Centre Toronto

    Nomadic Architecture, Aga Khan Museum, Aga Khan Park & Ismaili Centre Toronto77 Wynford Drive Performance Art

    The Aga Khan Museum, Ismaili Centre of Toronto and the Aga Khan Park come alive with immersive and exciting performances and installations.

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  • Look:Forward
    Independent Project Map # 44

    Art Gallery of Ontario

    Look:Forward, Art Gallery of Ontario317 Dundas Street West (First Floor Galleries) Installation

    Look:Forward is an exciting reinstallation of the AGO Collection galleries. Explore galleries of the AGO’s Modern Art, Photography and Europoean Art collections, all open for free for Nuit Blanche Toronto.

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  • Meeting - Place
    Independent Project Map # 45

    Artscape Youngplace

    Meeting - Place, Artscape Youngplace180 Shaw Street Multi-media Installation, Video and Photography

    Meeting- Place discusses the notion of a collective or community experience, draws upon individual and shared histories and highlights the significance of one’s sensory perception of space. 

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  • Colouring Outside the Box
    Independent Project Map # 46

    Bata Shoe Museum

    Colouring Outside the Box, Bata Shoe Museum327 Bloor Street West, (416)979.7799 Interactive Installation

    Up for a little night colouring? The Bata Shoe Museum's atrium will exhibit striking ‘shoeboxes’ covered with black-and-white shoe outlines. Over the evening visitors will colour them in and transform the boxes into vibrant multi-coloured sculptures. 

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  • Prosperity for All
    Independent Project Map # 47

    EDIT: Expo for Design, Innovation & Technology

    Prosperity for All, East Harbour (formerly Unilever soap factory)21 Don Roadway (Enter via parking lot) Exhibition

    Discover the magic of EDIT: Expo for Design, Innovation & Technology at night when it opens it doors for an immersive dawn-to-dusk experience that considers the meaning of Prosperity for All.

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  • Fly By Night 2017
    Independent Project Map # 48

    The Gladstone Hotel

    Fly By Night 2017, The Gladstone Hotel1214 Queen Street West (2nd Floor Gallery) Installation

    #FlyByNight2017 is a series of ephemeral performances and installations that embody unexpected, boundary-pushing, creative, one-night-only art experiences within Toronto’s oldest continuously-run hotel and cultural hub.

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  • Tonight’s Special: Bannock, Mille-Feuille and Berries
    Independent Project Map # 49

    OCAD University

    Tonight’s Special: Bannock, Mille-Feuille and Berries, OCAD U offsite locations:100 McCaul Street (Butterfield Park)49 McCaul Street 205 Richmond Street West 199 Richmond Street West Media Projection, Sculpture, Installation, Painting and Long-Duration Performance

    Explore Indigenous survivance, urbanization and environmental concerns in OCAD University’s Nuit Blanche program with projects on McCaul St. (between Dundas/Queen) and at the corner of Richmond St. W./Duncan St. Curated by Jason Baerg and Tak Pham.

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  • The Family Camera
    Independent Project Map # 50

    Royal Ontario Museum

    The Family Camera, Royal Ontario Museum100 Queens Park Photography Installation

    See family photographs through a Canadian lens and discover the role they play in shaping our sense of self, family, community, and nations.

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  • Flash Forward/Flash Back: A celebration of emerging photographers from the Magenta Foundation
    Independent Project Map # 51

    Ryerson Image Centre

    Flash Forward/Flash Back: A celebration of emerging photographers from the Magenta Foundation, Ryerson Image Centre33 Gould Street (One block northeast of Yonge & Dundas Square) Slideshow Projection

    This acclaimed photography museum features 4 new shows: The Faraway Nearby: Photographs of Canada from The New York Times Photo Archive along with the best young artists from the Magenta Foundation’s Flash Forward Emerging Photographers Competition.  

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  • STARscape
    Independent Project Map # 52

    F_RM lab

    STARscape, 5 Camden Street Installation

    This installation features an undulating fabric canopy catching digitally generated projections of stars interpreting the northern Canadian night sky. This contrasts the unfortunate reality of Toronto's current empty and light polluted night sky.

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  • Warm Up To Me
    Independent Project Map # 53

    Warm Up To Me Collective

    Warm Up To Me, 393 University Avenue (Walkway between 393 and 439 University Avenue, accessible via Centre Avenue) Interactive Installation

    Six neighbourhoods that live worlds apart, diverse and homogenous, now in the city's core: hear their stories. Jane & Finch, Leslieville, Parkdale, Rosedale, Thorncliffe, Forest Hill, and experience what a living space from each would be like.

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  • Public Works
    Independent Project Map # 54


    Public Works, 4 Wellesley Place (outside)Yonge Street & Charles Street
    (Northwest corner)
    80 Grosvenor Street Interactive Installation

    Help the DEPARTMENT commemorate overlooked civic sites, including a unique palliative care hospice, an 1883 polling station and other iconic Toronto sites. Dialogue with other Torontonians, listen to their memories and share some of your own.

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  • Transmissions
    Independent Project Map # 55


    Transmissions, 401 Richmond401 Richmond Street West Installation

    Explore a unique multipoint sound sculpture using the sounds of sunspots, cosmic radiation and radio anomalies. Visitors of all ages are invited to interact with an immersive sensory environment created by otherworldly sounds broadcast by metal antennae.

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  • Stratigraphy: Landscape Imprints
    Independent Project Map # 56


    Stratigraphy: Landscape Imprints, 401 Richmond401 Richmond Street West Installation

    Challenging the notion of obsolescence, the installation folds past, present, and future into one instant of interaction. The floating crystal chandelier sculpture takes viewers into an ephemeral 3-dimensional map of Toronto’s landscape and stories.

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    Independent Project Map # 57

    [R]ed[U]x Lab

    DELIGHT, 401 Richmond401 Richmond Street West, (647) 549.8286 Interactive Installation

    This interactive installation uses ambient noise levels within an enclosed space in order to activate suspended orbs of light to move in a sine wave. As the noise volume of the space increases or decreases, the orbs move faster or slower in response. 

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  • The Waste Land
    Independent Project Map # 58

    Jessica Bebenek

    The Waste Land, 401 Richmond401 Richmond Street West (Freight elevator on main floor) Performance Art

    Watch this interactive performance grow throughout the night as the artist translates T.S. Eliot’s canonical 500-line poem into a knitted tapestry. Touch, listen, read, and discuss ‘The Waste Land’. Follow along & join in at #k2togproject, @notyrmuse (IG)

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  • PLAYHOUSE: Invisible City
    Independent Project Map # 59

    Domanique Grant

    PLAYHOUSE: Invisible City , Artscape Sandbox301 Adelaide Street West Urban Design, Architecture, Interactive Media, Performance Art and Music

    Domanique Grant’s music album PLAYHOUSE will be brought to life by taking you through an interactive maze that reimagines the future of Toronto’s hidden public housing neighborhoods and downtown streets. 

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  • Tamo Vamo
    Independent Project Map # 60

    Sean Cartwright & Kristina Boka

    Tamo Vamo, Artscape Youngplace180 Shaw Street (Flex Studio 109) Video Installation

    Recounting the story of a young woman who escaped Sarajevo in 1992 and the decision she faced to either stay in Canada or return home and start again.

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  • The Space In Between All The Physical Objects
    Independent Project Map # 61

    Simin Keramati

    The Space In Between All The Physical Objects, Artscape Youngplace180 Shaw Street (Flex Studio 106) Video Installation

    This work is about the causes of migration, when people must flee their home countries due to war and hunger, and about the   experience of being in a transitional, displaced state.

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  • Invisible Tattoos
    Independent Project Map # 62

    Zahra Saleki

    Invisible Tattoos , Artscape Youngplace180 Shaw Street (Flex Studio 108), (647)836.0452 Photography Installation

    Walk through 150 light boxes depicting the eyes of 150 Canadians, First Nations and newcomers, overlaid with text that draws together personal stories and larger histories that affect their lives.

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  • Layered Cities
    Independent Project Map # 63

    Anne Hanrahan

    Layered Cities, Artscape Youngplace180 Shaw Street (Flex Studio 107) New Media Installation

    Explore urban possibilities for the future of Canadian cities by moving through layers of projected images of cities from both Canada, and countries that Canadians have originated from. The layered images change as the audience moves through the space.  

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  • Here Is Where You Hid
    Independent Project Map # 64

    Kaitlynn McQueston

    Here Is Where You Hid, Bata Shoe Museum327 Bloor Street West (Back alley), (416) 931.7578 Sculpture

    Inviting thoughtful connections between the viewer and Toronto’s landscape, these sculptures express a leap of faith that the tranquility of an idealist vision of nature held near to one’s heart can resonate freely among urban industrial surroundings.

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  • Future writing exercises on Terrazzo Tower
    Independent Project Map # 65

    Campbell House Museum in partnership with Harley Valentine

    Future writing exercises on Terrazzo Tower, Campbell House Museum160 Queen Street West (In the garden at the northwest corner of Queen & University) Sculpture and Performance

    Valentine engages with the Cordian element of Terrazzo Tower, rearranging the sculptural piece within its unique urban/pastoral setting.

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  • The Magic of Visual Language
    Independent Project Map # 66


    The Magic of Visual Language, DEAF CULTURE CENTRE15 Mill Street Performance Art

    Sign language with blacklights demonstrate the magic of visual language. The photographer invites you to watch language unfold through her lens.

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  • X, Y, & Zed
    Independent Project Map # 67

    Glory Hole Gallery

    X, Y, & Zed , Glad Day Bookshop + Glory Hole Gallery499 Church Street (The space has a gender neutral and accessible washroom on site), (416)961.4161 Sculptural Installations

    In a one-of-a-kind space visitors are asked to take a peek inside the small gallery spaces, and at the press of a button bring to life what each artist has responded and contributed to the exhibition theme of the present and future of gender expression.

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  • Punching a Pillow Until the Sun Rises
    Independent Project Map # 68

    Elizabeth Milton

    Punching a Pillow Until the Sun Rises, Gladstone Hotel1214 Queen Street West (Performance will take place in a private hotel room, Parlour of Twilight: Room 405, and be live-streamed into an exhibition space within the Gladstone Hotel.) Video Installation

    Staged within a hidden hotel room, a tragic-comic diva spins through an endless cycle of hysterical destruction in front of a live-streaming camera. 

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  • Disturbing Graffiti
    Independent Project Map # 69

    Studio F Minus

    Disturbing Graffiti, 4120 Graffiti AlleyGraffiti Alley & McDougall Lane (Access from Queen Street West at McDougall Lane.) Light Installation

    Collaborating with Studio F Minus, a group of designers and students will create and implement a temporary site-specific installation that uses different lighting strategies to illuminate public art and buildings in Toronto's Graffiti Alley.

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  • The Nature Deficit Disorder (NDD) Clinic
    Independent Project Map # 70

    Wilfrid Laurier University

    The Nature Deficit Disorder (NDD) Clinic , Laurier Toronto130 King Street West (Main Floor, Exchange Tower) Intervention

    TORONTO, 2067 - Nature has become inaccessible to the masses, urbanites have little choice but to “plug” into nature. This futuristic intervention unveils where the lines between ‘unplugging’ while in nature and ‘plugging’ into nature get blurred.

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  • Project Mackenzie
    Independent Project Map # 71


    Project Mackenzie, Mackenzie House82 Bond Street Interactive Installation

    As William Lyon Mackenzie, Toronto's rebel mayor, incredulously stared out his window, all he knew is that he was no longer in the year 1859. His house? Now the site of an EnvisionTO time portal. The portal will open: 09.30.17 at 19:00:00

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  • We Are / C'est Nous
    Independent Project Map # 72

    TCDSB Artists

    We Are / C'est Nous, Monsignor Fraser College (Isabella Campus)146 Isabella Street (Located outside, at the back of the building; follow the east driveway.) Installation

    Over 200 tessellating artworks will be collected to form a collaboration of Canadianess. Bold, colourful, subtle and engaging, the panels will embrace the diversity of Canada150 and demonstrate the creativity of multi-culturalism.

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  • Passage Into the Light
    Independent Project Map # 73

    Monsignor Fraser College Toronto Catholic District School Board

    Passage Into the Light, Monsignor Fraser College (Isabella Campus)146 Isabella Street, (416)393.5533 Interactive Installation

    Behold a symbolic narrative on migration.  Follow the journey of afflicted migrants, peek inside their future dwellings and watch their transformation. The voyage culminates with a red-and-white mosaic dwelling that radiates a kaleidoscope of colours.

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  • Porta-Party
    Independent Project Map # 74


    Porta-Party, Nathan Phillips Square100 Queen St W (Bay Street closure, between Queen Street and Albert Street) Interactive Installation

    Located at Nathan Phillips Square and University/College, Porta-Party encourages social activity in a traditonally anti-social space using landscaping and portable toilets.

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  • Revealing the Nighttime Local Colours of Ontario
    Independent Project Map # 75

    Symeon van Donkelaar

    Revealing the Nighttime Local Colours of Ontario, Nunu Ethiopian Fusion1178 Queen Street West Earth Art Installation

    In Revealing Nighttime Local Colours, new local colours that are only visible at night, which are made from Ontario’s land, will be woven into visual stories made from myth, history, and personal experience. 

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  • Digital Consciousness
    Independent Project Map # 76

    Only One Gallery

    Digital Consciousness, Only One Gallery5 Brock Avenue (Right off Brock Avenue, just 100 feet down the alleyway) Installation

    Digital consciousness refers to an alertness and shared experience of the tensions that persist into our digital age.

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  • Since Now, From Then
    Independent Project Map # 77

    Riverside BIA / Project Gallery

    Since Now, From Then, The Broadview Hotel106 Broadview Avenue3 Hamilton Street 25-60 Broadview Avenue Live Performance, New Media Art Projection, Sculpture & Installation

    This project seeks to bring us to the present, reflect on the past and look to the future of the changing east end of Toronto through a series of live performances, new media art projections, and bold, atmospheric sculptures and installations.

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  • Foreign Bodies
    Independent Project Map # 78

    Ryerson Artspace

    Foreign Bodies, Ryerson Artspace1214 Queen Street West (Attached to the Gladstone Hotel) Film and Video Projection

    Foreign Bodies explores the relationship between bodies and space – two often-contingent entities, one begetting the other’s character. Three artists create work in which performing bodies adjust to the real or imagined spaces they inhabit. 

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  • One Path
    Independent Project Map # 79

    One Path, Spadina Museum285 Spadina Road (Located next to Casa Loma. Transit: Exit at St. Clair West Station and head south on Spadina Road or take a shorter but uphill walk by exiting at Dupont Station and heading North on Spadina Road.) Sculptures, Performance Art, Interactive and New Media Installations.

    Multiple artists explore ideas of identity and nationhood through large-scale and interactive installations in a group exhibition spread throughout the five-acre grounds of Spadina Museum.

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  • Photon Gallery 3.0
    Independent Project Map # 80

    Site 3 coLaboratory

    Photon Gallery 3.0, Site 3 coLaboratory718 Ossington Avenue (Alleyway behind the church and look for the red doors.) Interactive Installation

    A collection of interactive lighting installations, including: LED garden plants and creatures; building-sized Tetris; 'invisible' paintings; sound-sensitive Fire Hockey Table; and a 'Bullet-Time Waterfall.'  

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  • The Living Library
    Independent Project Map # 81

    Scadding Court Community Centre and Theatre Passe Muraille

    The Living Library, Scadding Court Community Centre707 Dundas Street West Interactive Installation

    Visit a Librarian to borrow a living (human) book. Choose a story to hear and enjoy food from Market 707.The Living Library puts the voices of everyday people centre stage, emphasizing the importance of oral history in maintaining our connected culture.

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  • 15000 Years of Housekeeping
    Independent Project Map # 82

    Department of Household Sciences and Advanced Proverbs

    15000 Years of Housekeeping, St. Matthew's United Church729 St. Clair Avenue West Interactive Installation

    Celebrate 15,000 years of housekeeping north of Lake Ontario. Perform everyday tasks. Hang laundry. Fold clothes. Plan a meal. Make a shopping list. Store food. Stack bowls. Clean, dust, mend. Housekeeping sounds and smells. Share housekeeping stories.

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  • Garden Tunnel
    Independent Project Map # 83

    The Drake Hotel

    Garden Tunnel, The Drake Hotel1150 Queen Street West Sculpture

    Take a journey with Toronto artist Paddy Leung through one of her magical creations. Garden Tunnel is an exploration of the energy that is produced by the motion of people together. Take a stroll, take your time. What are you waiting for?

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  • Wiggly Street
    Independent Project Map # 84

    Wiggly Events

    Wiggly Street, Thompson LanewayBroadview & Thompson Lane Interactive Installation

    Historic images will be projected as the audience enters Wiggly Street. Each hour, being a 24-hour cycle, will start with a performance igniting the 'Reactor', fueled by the vibrations caused by audience movement.

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  • The Family Camera – On the Move: Toronto
    Independent Project Map # 85


    The Family Camera – On the Move: Toronto, Union Station65 Front Street West (Former west waiting room) Projection

    The Family Camera: On the Move - Toronto projects family photos that explore Toronto as a site of migration -  in Toronto's historic gateway, Union Station.

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  • Speculating in Futures
    Independent Project Map # 86

    University of Toronto Schools

    Speculating in Futures, University of Toronto Schools371 Bloor Street West Interactive Installation

    The front lawn of a century-old high school is filled with interactive installations based on popular games or fortune-telling activities. 

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  • Poetry, Performance & Protest: Let's Talk Canadian Values
    Independent Project Map # 87

    Diaspora Dialogues

    Poetry, Performance & Protest: Let's Talk Canadian Values, Victoria College73 Queen Park's Crescent (Quadrangle between Victoria College and Emmanuel College), (416)944.1101x227 Performance Art

    Come and engage in a discussion on the meaning of Canadian values. At the top of every half hour, a poet/performance artist will moderate these conversations as well as perform a few pieces on the subject hand.

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  • We Pause at Twilight
    Independent Project Map # 88

    ====\\DeRAIL Platform for Art + Architecture

    We Pause at Twilight, West Toronto RailpathWest Toronto Railpath & Bloor Street West (We Pause at Twilight features two special performances only: Sunset performance meets at Henderson Brewing parking lot (128 Sterling Rd.); Sunrise performance meets at Wallace Bridge north of the Bloor/UP station. See Schedule for details.) Performance Art

    ====\\DeRAIL celebrates new possible futures within the natural and industrial landscape of the West Toronto Railpath. We pause at twilight and invite you to lose yourself along a playful trail of multi-sensory experiences.

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  • Have You Seen My Sister?
    Independent Project Map # 89

    Artists of the Aurora

    Have You Seen My Sister?, Grosvenor Streetbetween Bay Street and Surrey Place, (416) 606.0799 Installation

    Voices sing names of Canada's missing women. Guests tie ribbons to connect missing women with women missing from boardrooms, courts and government.

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  • The Art of Inclusion Digital Art Exhibition
    Independent Project Map # 90

    Michaëlle Jean Foundation, Vancouver Foundation & Silk Road Institute

    The Art of Inclusion Digital Art Exhibition, Toronto Reference Library789 Yonge Street Video Installation

    Experience the magic of the Art of Inclusion installation, which unlocks the cinematographic genius of ten Muslim Canadian filmmakers. Aged 15-30, they captivate Nuit Blanche Toronto with a unique take on diversity and nationhood in 21st century Canada.

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