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Independent ProjectsBalancing on the Edge

Balancing on the Edge - rendering, 2016
Photo: Miklos Legrady

Thin Edge New Music Collective and A Girl in the Sky Productions

Thin Edge New Music Collective - Toronto, Canada
A Girl in the Sky Productions - Toronto, Canada

Balancing on the Edge (BOTE) is a collaborative production of new circus and new music that uses the boundary pushing nature of these forms to create 6 physical and sonic poems about humanity precariously balanced on the edge of survival and evolution.
Our musical program includes world premieres by Toronto-based composer Nick Storring and California-based Scott Rubin, and existing works by internationally renowned names: David Lang, Iannis Xenakis, and John Cage as well as rising star, Canadian composer Nicole Lizeé (Montreal). Featured circus artists: Rebecca Devi Leonard, Natasha Danchenko, Holly Treddenick, Angola Murdoch-Ladder, Emily Hughes, Emmanuel Cyr and Louis Barbier. 

Performances on aerial bicycle, aerial ladder, contact juggling, live projection and aerial silks. Interactive Confessional Booth by Jason J Brown

BOTE explores the myriad of ways in which humanity is balanced on the edge of survival and evolution through cutting edge music and circus arts.

Performance Art


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The Collective Space

221 Sterling Avenue, (647) 456-7597

Suitable for all ages


Schedule for each hour: On the hour - One 5-10 minute piece with live music and performance. On the quarter hour - Post performance audience engagement - Speakers Corner style confessional booth by media artist: Jason J Brown What does it mean "to be on the edge"? An opportunity to share your Balancing on the Edge experience. On the half hour - Recorded music from other sections of the show. On the 3/4 hour - Video playback of audience "on the edge."

This project is indoors.