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Walk Among Worlds, 2018

Walk Among Worlds, 2014
Photo: Sue Holland

Máximo González - Mexico City, Mexico

Through a large installation of globes, globes rife with political divisions, the artist points out the lines that divide so many territories. These are lines that respond to economic rationales, that seek to separate inside and outside, desire and wish, constructing a global political labyrinth that has been drawn and redrawn for centuries.

This installation will be, in some ways, an accumulation of different worlds: worlds of different sizes, colours and shapes, some bigger or smaller, some more or less intricate. There will always be a comparison to draw: Some globes are full, and others deflated, for instance. Should the deflated globes remain? Should they be given more air? Should they be removed? And if this is how we think about inflatable globes, then how do we think about our fellow humans?

Walk Among Worlds aims for contemplation and drives to reformulate viewers’ understandings. The world, more correctly conceived, is an accumulation of parallel worlds: some more visible than others, some closer or more distant, but all part of the same organic, vital structure.

This installation includes performances of Flagman Trees throughout Nuit Blanche. In this action, viewers will be able to exchange a flag for a tree. The tree symbolizes the ultimate homeland: our planet.

Manifesto (flagman trees) was supported by the Lucas Artists Program at Montalvo Arts Center and premiered at the Center in July 2016 as part of the outdoor exhibition Five Hour Sculpture.

Máximo González is known for collages of expired currencies and huge, immersive installations. His interests are the environment, education and the schemes of value instilled in our society. He is captivated by the social and architectural structure of informal, wandering commerce, which inspired his cultural non-profit project Changarrito.



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Scarborough Town Centre

300 Borough Drive (Scarborough Town Centre - Lower Level, Centre Court)

Suitable for all ages

This project is indoors.