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COLour Odyssey Vol. II

COLour Odyssey Vol. II, 2018

Yaw Tony - Toronto, Canada

COLour Odyssey Vol. II will embody a richness of colour and storytelling to complicate this year's Nuit Blanche Toronto theme, "You are Here."

COLour Odyssey Vol. II will not just be an aesthetic and intellectual experience; it will be packed with hidden statements meant to compel and challenge viewers. How many hidden stories will viewers identify?

The content of COLour Odyssey Vol. II will be designed to explore three aspects of colour: hue, intensity and value. Hue is simple but carefully chosen—in many ways, the colour itself. Intensity relates to a colour’s vividness, purity, strength and saturation. Value describes the lightness or darkness of a colour.

Yaw Tony is an artist and designer based in Toronto, trained in architecture, graphic design, and fine arts. He has worked as a product designer and creative consultant.



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Ontario Science Centre

770 Don Mills Road (Second Floor Gallery)

Suitable for all ages

This project is indoors.