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Rising Voices

Under My Wings, 2018

Velona Bryan - Toronto, Canada

Rising Voices is inspired by the many untold stories of Canadian and multicultural women. Its central image, Under My Wings, tells the tale of a woman’s plight and the challenges she’s faced. In that painting, an eagle wraps its wings around a woman who is giving birth. That woman is breaking free from her circumstances; she is seeking refuge under the wings of a creature that represents strength, power, hope and perseverance. Her giving birth symbolizes future generations of young women who will hear her story and draw strength from it. This featured painting will have an additional panel revealed on the night of Nuit Blanche Toronto.

Velona Bryan is a native of Jamaica who’s lived in Canada for over 30 years. Her art includes portraits, oil and acrylic paintings, and sculptures.



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Art Square Café & Gallery

334 Dundas Street West

Suitable for all ages


Live spoken word performances will be scheduled throughout the evening

This project is indoors.