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Intersections, 2018

UNION Innovation

UNION Innovation
Jordan Shaw - Toronto, Canada
Marcelo Luft - Porto Alegre, Brazil
Gabe Tsang - Toronto, Canada
Caitlin Keeley - Toronto, Canada
Josh Day - Toronto, Canada
Qisong Chen - Toronto, Canada

Intersections is an interactive, data-driven installation that questions, What is a map of Toronto? Might it unite residents rather than divide them?

Participants will be invited to pinpoint three places in Toronto important to them. Those intersections will join other people’s in a painterly vision of a map that reflects not what separates, but what connects. The map will blur the lines between neighbourhoods and neighbours.

This visualization, projected in an atrium, will evolve with real-time data as a manifestation of the city’s shared connections, vibrant movements and interwoven activities that intersect and transcend preconceived boundaries.

Intersections considers Torontonians’ experience of an ever-present stratification of the city. Can we find solace in knowing that we may be more connected than we thought—through the places we go and the paths we cross?

UNION Innovation is a collective of futurists and creative technologists exploring boundaries of social perceptions about virtual space and community.

Interactive Installation


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Drake One Fifty

150 York Street (Atrium)

Suitable for all ages

This project is indoors.