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Wired for Progress

Wired for Progress, 2018
Photo: Donna Sistilli

Monsignor Fraser College - Toronto, Canada

Members of the Monsignor Fraser College community are not afraid of change. They are disrupting a piece of their past for the sake of progress.

Wired for Progress will be created from dismantled pieces of the MFC 2017 Nuit Blanche Toronto installation. The new narrative that emerges from its reconfigured parts will illustrate that progress hinges on the ability to disrupt the past and embrace change.

Spectators who visit this interactive installation will travel through time. Images from the past will greet them and be transformed into a labyrinth of reconfigured remnants. Travellers will weave their way through this labyrinth—a city of progress. Beyond the labyrinth will lie the future, and only those who enter through its circular passageway will witness a richer realm of possibilities.

Monsignor Fraser College is an alternative high school with the Toronto Catholic District School Board.



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Monsignor Fraser College (Isabella Campus)

146 Isabella Street (south of Bloor Street, west of Sherbourne Street)

Suitable for all ages

This project is indoors.