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Inversion, 2018
Photo: Josie Fiegehen

Simoni + Kilty

Simoni + Kilty
Suzanne Simoni - Toronto , Canada
Kate Kilty - Toronto, Canada

In this multimedia interactive installation, participants will make footprints on a dark surface while images of their moving feet are cast into a large-scale projection turned upside down. A variety of footwear isolated from the body will create an opportunity to question differences and similarities as Torontonians move across the space. In a city where differences are often more prevalent than similarities, our differences become our similarities. In response to the theme of "You are Here," this experiential installation will question conventional categories of gender, race and religion, as well as the gravitational pull of societal constructs. As the ground appears above feet in the image, inversion suggests disorientation, and draws attention to the distance between the virtual and the real.

Simoni is a sculpture/installation major. Kilty is a painting/drawing major. Together they create spaces bridging art and life, body and landscape.

Interactive Multimedia Installation


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Drake One Fifty

181 University Avenue (Atrium)

Suitable for all ages

This project is indoors.