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Insomnia, 2010
Photo: Simin Keramati

Simin Keramati - Toronto, Canada

Insomnia is a video installation showing the window of the artist’s bedroom, with a white, light curtain dancing in the blowing wind. It seems like something is about to happen, something to end long, sleepless hours. The vague sounds of the video are the effects of a typical afternoon in the city of Tehran. The slow speed of the sound playback recalls the shifting resonances of noises and images between waking and sleeping. Some phrases selected from Virginia Woolf's poetic novel The Waves accompany the images and contribute to the development of more layers of meaning. Woolf's symbolic, multilayered phrases point to the objective of this project: “I look at the rook's high nest; and the pear tree. ‘His eyes will see when mine are shut,’ I think.”

Simin Keramati is a Tehran-born, Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist who has exhibited nationally and internationally.

Video Installation


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Aga Khan Museum

77 Wynford Drive (Bellerive Room)

Suitable for all ages

This project is indoors.