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Precipice: Seneca’s Ultimate Remix, 2018
Photo: Arthur Lucena Alves de Sousa

Seneca College School of Creative Arts and Animation

Seneca College School of Creative Arts and Animation - Toronto, Canada

Precipice: Seneca’s Ultimate Remix is a multidisciplinary project coming from Seneca College’s award-winning School of Creative Arts and Animation. Seneca commissioned film composer Erica Procunier to record an original piece of music, and she was given no restrictions except for a time limit. After recording was complete, Seneca assembled a group of students and faculty artists who were tasked to create work that responded to Procunier’s composition. Visitors can expect to see photography, painting, sculpture, projection mapping, animation, music remixes, VR and documentary film. The project investigates how far artists and designers can push the creation of content in many media and art forms when each individual uses the same source of music as their starting point.

Seneca School of Creative Arts and Animation is one of Canada's top programs for animation and special effects.

Multimedia Exhibition


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Artscape Youngplace

180 Shaw Street (First Floor Hallways & Vitrines; Flex Studios 106 and 107)

Suitable for all ages

This project is indoors.