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Dark Waters

Future Skies, 2018

Ryan Van Der Hout - Toronto, Canada

For many, the last century has been a golden age of water: a world where one could consistently turn on a tap and find clean, fresh water coming out in most any Western city. With global climate change, this expectation is becoming less certain. Drought, contamination and flooding in places like Cape Town, Los Angeles and Flint have challenged Western urbanites’ ability to expect limitless supplies of water.

Dark Waters explores the future of water as a limited commodity through a series of etched photographs and a video installation. Inside a series of oil drums is a mirrored projection of crashing water, giving the illusion of the water within being infinite. The seeming limitlessness, contained within an oil drum, highlights water’s commodification—and the scarcity which accompanies that.

Ryan Van Der Hout is a photo-based artist working in Toronto. His art explores photographic materials and experimental processes.

Video- and Light-Based Installation


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Double Happiness Projects

163 Sterling Road (Unit 125, Main Level through Door D)

Suitable for all ages

This project is indoors.