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Long Distance Relationship

Long Distance Relationship, 2018

Christopher Dela Cruz - Scarborough, Canada
Patrick Atienza - Scarborough, Canada

Long Distance Relationship is an interactive, two-part sound installation that will attempt to transcend spatial boundaries and create relationships at remote distances. It will connect participants in downtown Toronto and in Scarborough.

Using custom-built electronics that produce sound waves, the instruments in Long Distance Relationship will be activated by light and shadow. Spotlights will shine onto large panels with light sensors embedded in their surfaces. Viewers will be able to “play” these instruments by exploring how their shadows and body movements affect sounds produced. (Participants must be positioned between panel and spotlight to engage the instruments.)

The sounds that are produced at one site will be layered with sounds produced at the other site miles away. The work will offer a way of communicating without having to speak—only move.

Christopher Dela Cruz and Patrick Atienza are artists hoping to create connections and relationships through wordless communicative installations.

Sound Installation


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Campbell House Museum

160 Queen Street West (Front Courtyard)

150 Borough Drive (Park at Albert Campbell Square)

Suitable for all ages

This project is outdoors.