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ah me dhat

Virabhadrasana B, 2014
Photo: Steven Boyce

Julia Nalini Gibran - Toronto, Canada

ah me dhat will capture a dynamic array of memories and experiences bombarding the minds of many first-generation Canadians in Scarborough. Themes of race, diaspora, abuse, cultural appropriation, gun violence and healing highlight the layers of input the modern mind and body are forced to digest.

Music, yoga, photography and storytelling will frame the narrative of 
ah me dhat, while interactive sharing prompts in the soundscape will invite the audience to participate. Even if audience members are not willing to share, they will be welcome to listen.

East will meet West and street will meet home in this mixed-media assault on the senses.

Julia Nalini Gibran is a community-based artist and social worker who creates from a place of service and healing to ignite and empower through her work.

Photography, Audio and Interactive Performance


STYLL We All Have Stories The things they carried Major Institutions Independent Projects Experiential Activations Event Centre

Scarborough Civic Centre

150 Borough Drive (Wedding Chapel)

Parental guidance advised

This project is indoors.