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The Three Chapters of Solitude

Henry Heng Lu, “Have A Safe Trip” (still), 2017
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Henry Heng Lu - Toronto / Shenzhen, Canada / China

The Three Chapters of Solitude (2015–2018) consists of three videos that play with unparallel perceptions of distance versus intimacy in relation to the artist’s personal experience as a culturally displaced individual. With found ESL-textbook audio, the video Have A Safe Trip takes the form of a quick “safety guide” for visitors who travel abroad, from a Canadian perspective. During a weeklong vacation in 2015, the artist documented the sky on the occasion of each drive when his father was at the wheel. The video The Sky On Our Way Home is a collage of clips from those trips that reveal practices of guidance and parental affection. Anytime You Need A Friend! juxtaposes fragments of videos for several Mando-pop ballads with dozens of clips of the artist singing English love songs and interacting with everyday objects in his possession.

Henry Heng Lu is a Toronto-based artist. He is also curator of Call Again, an initiative committed to creating space for diasporic artistic practices.

Video Installation


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