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The W(hole) Picture

The W(hole) Picture, 2018

Glory Hole Gallery

Glory Hole Gallery
Emily Peltier - Toronto, Canada
Sean MacPherson - Toronto, Canada

A space is not limited to any physical structures that surround it.  A space can be a person; a space can be a community; A space can be personal intimacy; A space can be creativity; A space can be comfort.

The exhibition The W(Hole) Picture is the first-ever collaboration between the CLGA (Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives) and Glory Hole Gallery.  The exhibition The W(Hole) Picture is a group art show that asks Toronto (Tkaronto) artists to share experiences of making spaces of safety and comfort for themselves in Toronto in the present and in the past. 2SLGBTQ+ people and experiences are put at the forefront of this conversation through the display of art, personal stories, and through the archives of the CLGA which has historically preserved 2SLGBTQ+ lives and experiences in Toronto. 

Glory Hole Gallery is perhaps the world’s first, and only, miniature 2SLGBTQ+ gallery that exhibits artistic endeavours by 2SLGBTQ+ artist in eight, 12x12 inch boxes.



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Glad Day Bookshop

499 Church Street

34 Isabella St (Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives )

Suitable for all ages

This project is indoors.