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Sidewalk Salsa

Sidewalk Salsa

Dos Dunyas

Dos Dunyas
Nadine Abdallah - Toronto, Canada
Ashmin Varma - Toronto, Canada

More dance. More play.

As Toronto grows as a city and our collective pace quickens it is important to take time to enjoy our meander down the street and connect with our fellow citizens. Nothing connects us quite like music and dance.

Sidewalk Salsa will invite Nuit Blanche participants to celebrate the power of music and dance by joining us in moving your feet, swaying your hips, dancing with strangers and sharing the importance of music and dance in your life.

As you make your way from exhibit to exhibit you will find a series of activations where you will be able to jam out to music, learn new dance moves and describe special moments you had with strangers and friends alike while bonding over music. Sidewalk Salsa is a safe, bright and colourful space for all Torontonians to enjoy – whether you want to show off moves or just want to sway to the music. Join us in celebrating dance, celebrating music and celebrating the night.

Ashmin Varma and Nadine Abdallah are Toronto-based social innovators passionate about facilitating creative platforms for authentic human connection.

Participatory Performance


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Osgoode Rotunda and walkway

361 University Avenue

Suitable for all ages

This project is outdoors.