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The Faces of Scarborough

Scarborough, 2018
Photo: Miranda Newman

Diaspora Dialogues - Toronto, Canada

Scarborough is an embodiment of the “multi,” a borough that is truly multicultural, multiracial and multifaith. The Faces of Scarborough aims to represent that through an interdisciplinary, immersive experience.

This project will include a video montage of portraits of Scarborough residents in their pluralism. It will also include audio of multilingual readings of poems by Scarborough-based poets. The speakers who transmit the poetry will create an amphitheatre for audiences to sit within, enabling them to immerse themselves in a different poem, a different language, and therefore a different experience.

The Faces of Scarborough will combine the audio and the visual, and the literary and the photographic, to bring to life the different ethnicities, languages and backgrounds that make Toronto—and specifically Scarborough—the unique place that it is today.

Diaspora Dialogues supports the creation and presentation of new fiction, poetry and drama that reflect the complexity of Toronto and Canada.

Photography and Sound Installation


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Scarborough Civic Centre

150 Borough Drive (Committee Room 2)

Suitable for all ages

This project is indoors.