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ConcordisSilhouette, 2018


Cole Barkman - Toronto, Canada
Anthony Palma - Toronto, Canada
Erica Tong - Toronto, Canada
John Lo - Toronto, Canada
Ramya Kumareswaran - Toronto, Canada
Janitha Shanmugarajan - Toronto, Canada
AnnMarie Edward - Toronto, Canada

Everyone has secrets. Most people have a difficult time telling their partners, family members and friends (or even complete strangers) some of their most tightly held secrets. However, some people might be willing to reveal secrets if the conditions are anonymous and untraceable.

Whatever a person’s secrets may be, Concordis invites them to be shared in Confessions. Individuals will be able submit their secrets, thoughts or confessions anonymously. These secrets will then be publicly displayed for all to see at Nuit Blanche Toronto. Secrets can be shared either on the night of Nuit Blanche at a Confessions booth or by submitting them ahead of time online at 

Concordis is a multidisciplinary collective of seven individuals from different backgrounds and experiences who share a love of research and design.

Interactive Media Installation


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Design Exchange

234 Bay Street (Main Floor Lobby)

Parental guidance advised

This project is indoors.