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Community Arts Guild, 2016
Photo: Katherine Fleitas/Peacephoto

Community Arts Guild - Scarborough, Canada

Interlacing is an interactive artwork that will revolve around a large-scale loom set up in a mall, inviting passers-by to come and weave.

Interlacing investigates the official and unofficial histories, the personal and collective memories, and the changing identities of Scarborough. It explores how threads of personal lives and stories are interwoven with the fabric of where people live and come from. Where do these strands form a tight weave? Where do threads get lost? Where do they unravel?

In this participatory installation, visitors will be able to help create a timeline of Scarborough history by writing on and weaving in events and moments via strips of fabric, and watch as the fabric changes and grows.

The Community Arts Guild is an organization based in East Scarborough that connects people and builds community through collaborative art-making.

Interactive Textile Installation


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Scarborough Town Centre

300 Borough Drive

Suitable for all ages

This project is indoors.