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Portrait of a Street

South end of Port Union, 2018

Christopher Penrose - Toronto, Canada

Scarborough is a grid of streets: Morningside, Finch, Brimley, Sheppard, Victoria Park and Lawrence, to name a few. Yet how well do residents know the thoroughfares that so much of their lives take place on and around?

Portrait of a Street is a photography installation that will portray some of the roadways that define Scarborough through portraits of the beginning and ending, ending and beginning of these roadways.

This installation will explore vital streets that criss-cross Scarborough, from the bluffs to the south to the northern city limits, and cutting right through the area’s eastern and western borders.

Portrait of a Street
is curated by Giles Monette.

Christopher Penrose is a writer, producer and photographer. Giles Monette is a multidisciplinary artist, curator, and art director who has worked with Toronto's most celebrated contemporary artists.

Photography Installation


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Scarborough Town Centre

300 Borough Drive (Glass walkway at south entrance that connects to Scarborough Centre TTC and GO Station)

Suitable for all ages

This project is indoors.