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Photon Gallery 4.0

Playing on the FaIRE Hockey Reuben’s Table, 2018

Site 3 coLaboratory, Science Everywhere, and Little Dada

Site 3 coLaboratory, Science Everywhere, and Little Dada
Seth Hardy - Toronto, Canada
Anthony Morgan - Toronto, Canada
Dave Braun - Toronto, Canada
Kris Coward - Toronto, Canada
Rhys Mendes - Toronto, Canada
Lindy Wilkins - Toronto, Canada

Photon Gallery 4.0 aims to be Site 3’s best iteration yet for Nuit Blanche. The gallery will be filled with interactive light installations created by our diverse members.

This year’s highlights will include: A playable, wearable version of the classic Frogger video game. A Rubens air-hockey table with small flames that “dance” to music. A "bullet-time waterfall" that lets people “freeze” falling water droplets mid-air. A long-exposure photography device that uses flaming tubes to take “hot” selfies. A set of "sentient" glowing orbs that communicate and interact with the public synaesthetically through a combination of light and sound. A series of LED-adorned, climbable geodesic domes.

Site 3 coLaboratory is a member-run makerspace in Toronto for making, teaching, learning and thinking about intersections of art and technology.

Interactive Installation and Performance


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Site 3 coLaboratory

718 Ossington Avenue (Enter from the alley behind the church)

Suitable for all ages

This project is both indoors and outdoors.