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The things they carried curated by Tairone BastienMirrors of Babel - Kennedy Station - little g, 2018

Dome, 2016
Photo: @soteeoh

Javid Jah - Toronto, Canada

little g by Javid Jah is at Kennedy Station. It is one of the five works in the stations along the SRT, created by Toronto-based artists in response to eL Seed’s multipart installation Mirrors of Babel. The SRT has been an important graffiti site for decades, with dozens of works covering buildings, underpasses and train cars along its path. Together these five works frame a journey between Toronto and Scarborough, interpreting the story of Babel into five distinct visual languages.

Jah says Toronto “is a micro-universe of individual gods,” in which “young people are more interested in accumulating and circulating ‘data’ that seems to dominate how we define our identity/value.” Jah’s work is an anamorphic projection across multiple surfaces that is only perceived in its entirety from a single privileged vantage point.

Graffiti art has been an integral part of Toronto’s urban landscape since the late 1980s, characterized by its diversity, rooted in the city’s marginalized communities. Despite being criminalized, graffiti has become an important part of the wider discourse around public art, as writers have experimented with the form, exploring new styles and means of telling stories about themselves and their communities.

Javid Jah is a street artist and an emerging designer based in Toronto. Developing a studio with projects migrating between public art murals and contemporary architecture, Jah’s practice explores how marginal identities (such as graffiti and Islam) impact spatial design. Much of this effort has been manifested in commissioned projects for Muslim communities, including the dome of Madinah Masjid on Danforth Avenue. Currently, Jah is experimenting with space-making via modified shipping containers for public and private use.



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Kennedy Station

2455 Eglinton Avenue East

Suitable for all ages

This project is indoors.