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The things they carried curated by Tairone BastienMirrors of Babel - Midland Station - Natural Love, 2018

Natural Love, 2018

Planta Muisca - Bogota, Colombia / Toronto, Canada

Across buildings and alleyways, graffiti has been an integral part of Toronto’s urban landscape since the 1980s. It’s a rich visual language that developed on the edge of mainstream society, despite being criminalized. Today, graffiti artists are increasingly valued as important voices in the discourse around public art. They have, since the beginning, struggled to give voice to their ideas, telling stories through their work about themselves and their communities.

The Scarborough RT Line is an important site for graffiti artists whose works, some dating back years, are seen on many buildings, underpasses and train cars along its path. As part of eL Seed’s multi-part installation Mirrors of Babel, five well-known Toronto graffiti artists will create site-specific works inspired by the Tower of Babel story in stations along the SRT. These five works will guide viewers on a journey to Scarborough, offering a shared story told from different points of view.

Natural Love by Planta Muisca is at Midland Station. “Love is the language that connects us all to Mother Nature and to our higher self,” says Muisca. “I think Babel is an example of how human ego affects us negatively. Instead, we should be acting with love and reaching God through love.”

Planta Muisca’s artistic work is the result of her experiences living and working in various parts of Latin America and Canada. The rich and spirited cultures of the places she has visited have inspired her to create and share her artistic vision with others. Empowered by her Canadian Colombian heritage, she paints around themes of identities and cultures enriching Canadian multiculturalism. Her colourful and vibrant work reflects her love for nature, animals and her Latin American roots.



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Midland Station

2085 Midland Avenue

Suitable for all ages

This project is indoors.