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The things they carried curated by Tairone BastienMirrors of Babel - Scarborough Centre Station - Mord’iim, 2018

Photo: @soteeoh

MEDIAH - Scarborough, Canada

Mord’iim by MEDIAH is at Scarborough Centre Station. It is one of the five works in the stations along the SRT created by Toronto-based graffiti artists in response to eL Seed’s multipart installation Mirrors of Babel. The SRT has been an important graffiti site for decades, with dozens of works covering buildings, underpasses and train cars along its path. Together these five works frame a journey between Toronto and Scarborough, interpreting the story of Babel into five distinct visual languages.

Drawing the title for his work from the Hebrew word for “rebel,” MEDIAH is deeply concerned with humankind’s experiments in the human genome, artificial intelligence and space colonization. Through an explosive arrangement of colours, sharp line work and dynamic geometric shapes, the artist seeks to express “the displacement and ‘scattering’ of humans across the earth.”

Graffiti art has been an integral part of Toronto’s urban landscape since the late 1980s, characterized by its diversity, rooted in the city’s marginalized communities. Despite being criminalized, graffiti has become an important part of the wider discourse around public art, as writers have experimented with the form, exploring new styles and means of telling stories about themselves and their communities.

MEDIAH is a visual artist who blurs the lines between post-graffiti and dynamic abstraction. His work consists of weaving street-art forms with painterly techniques and mixed-media printmaking. Inspired by avionics, mechanical engineering and schematics, his work captures the essence of speed, motion, dynamism and force, providing the viewer with not only a glorification of speed relating to the thirst for a faster and more streamlined world, but also an awareness of its unavoidable repercussions of collision, disaster and chaos.



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Scarborough Centre Station

290 Borough Drive

Suitable for all ages

This project will be available for extended viewing until October 8th.

This project is indoors.