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The things they carried curated by Tairone BastienMirrors of Babel - Lawrence East Station - Universal Language, 2018

Universal Language, 2016
Photo: Clandestinos

Shalak Attack - Toronto, Canada

Universal Language by Shalak Attack is at Lawrence East. It is one of the five works in the stations along the SRT, created by Toronto-based artists in response to eL Seed’s multipart installation Mirrors of Babel. The SRT has been an important graffiti site for decades, with dozens of works covering buildings, underpasses and train cars along its path. Together these five works frame a journey between Toronto and Scarborough, interpreting the story of Babel into five distinct visual languages.

“This is the story of one woman’s journey across a divided land and her will to overcome the borders that surround her,” says Shalak. “The land she travels on is the body of a giant double-headed bear… that tells her to keep on her journey and that Nature will show her the way.”

Graffiti art has been an integral part of Toronto’s urban landscape since the late 1980s, characterized by its diversity, rooted in the city’s marginalized communities. Despite being criminalized, graffiti has become an important part of the wider discourse around public art, as writers have experimented with the form, exploring new styles and means of telling stories about themselves and their communities.

Shalak Attack is a Canadian-Chilean artist dedicated to painting, muralism and spray paint urban art. Shalak has participated in numerous artistic projects and exhibitions around the world. She is a co-founder and co-director of the international art collectives Clandestinos, Bruxas and Essencia Art Collective. Shalak fuses the spirit of South American muralism with contemporary street art, forming a unique style that inhabits the realm of psychedelic magical realism.



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Lawrence East Station

2444 Lawrence Avenue East

Suitable for all ages

This project will be available for extended viewing until October 8th.

This project is indoors.