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Dream Time: We All Have Stories curated by Karen Alexanderedge/threshold/brink, 2018

edge/threshold/brink, 2018
Photo: Maria Amidu

Maria Amidu - Brighton, UK

edge/threshold/brinkis a print-based work suggested by some of the historical narratives that have defined and redefined the city of Toronto in relation to its landscape. The work is a commentary on the cultural importance of water and land to the Mississauga of the New Credit and the ways the landscapes of Toronto have been wrestled into a metropolis by new arrivals.

Installed in a Dundas/Trinity Square walkway, the work will subtly interrupt and disrupt the everyday perception of this much-traversed transitional space, bringing into focus the “fault line” between the former natural state of this landscape and some of its 19th-century iterations. From images of indigenous plants and trees which showcase the distant past, to more recent histories of residents who found safety and allegiance in the Ward by means of the Underground Railroad, the project will highlight hidden layers of history on which the city has been built.

Following a series of conversations with Toronto-based historians and archivists, Maria Amidu will re-present a history of the Ward—the neighbourhood once situated on the footprint of City Hall, where successive waves of new immigrants settled when they first came into the city.

Thanks to Cary Mignault, Abbey Flower, Infrastructure Ontario, Jim Holmberg, Heather Potter, the Filson Historical Society, Barbara Myrvold, Toronto Public Library, Dr Alison Norman, Richard Fiennes-Clinton, Kathy Grant, John Lorinc, Dr. Karolyn Smardz Frost, Holly Martelle, Diana Teal and staff at High Park Nature Centre.

Maria Amidu's practice centres on the social relationships between people mediated through public archives and sites of memory. She is drawn to the hidden and less obvious in varying historical and contemporaneous collective situations. She also makes artist’s books and installations employing photographic and craft practices to substantiate lived experiences. A graduate of the Royal College of Art in glass and ceramics, Amidu exhibited nationally and internationally as a maker before pursuing a social practice.



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Walkway - Trinity Square Park to Dundas Street West

Bay Street & Trinity Square

Suitable for all ages

This project is outdoors.