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Dream Time: We All Have Stories curated by Karen AlexanderDown at the Twilight Zone, 2018

Down at the Twilight Zone (rendering), 2018

Harold Offeh - Cambridge, United Kingdom

Down at the Twilight Zone will be a live, interactive performative event aimed at resurrecting Toronto’s rich, diverse queer histories and narratives. By considering the city through the lens of nocturnal queer identities, Toronto is reimagined as a contested site of repression, expression, resistance and celebration. Throughout the night, invited contributions from across Toronto’s LGBTQ2S communities will activate historical memories while also exploring what a living queer archive might look like.

Located in a club-like setting, scheduled sessions will evoke narratives of the Twilight Zone (a famous Toronto nightclub) through captivating interviews, old-school playlists, back-in-the-day dance moves, vintage fashion, midnight singing and dawn storytelling. Open and accessible to all, this 12-hour participatory investigation will hover in the uncertain space between the imagined and the real. By adopting a playful persona who will act as our “interactive host” for this evening of time travel, Offeh himself will be central in positioning the complex relationships of place, race, community and memory which are at the core of this artwork.

Live performance interventions are scheduled throughout the night featuring: Ill Nana DiverseCity Dance Company, Akia Legacy of Pussy Palace Party, Dj Nik Red, Kiki Dance Alliance, Carolina Brown, Love Saves the Day, the Assoon Brothers, Djs Dino & Terry plus interviews with Olivia Nuamah, the Sisters of Joy and others, plus readings from Queer in Your Ears with Jeffrey Canton and Rico Rodriguez.

Filming will take place intermittently throughout the night. This record of the event will be placed in the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives.

Harold Offeh works across a range of media including performance, video and social arts practice, employing collaboration and humour as a means to confront the viewer with historical narratives and contemporary culture. He is interested in creating spaces from which to explore the relationship between race, identity and the body. He has exhibited at Tate Modern and Tate Britain, UK; Studio Museum in Harlem, USA; MAC VAL, France; and Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Denmark. He lives in Cambridge, UK.

Interactive Installation


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City Hall - Loading Dock

100 Queen Street West (Accessed from the west side of City Hall at the intersection of Chestnut and Armoury)

Parental guidance advised

This project is indoors.