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STYLL curated by Alyssa FearonLine 3 Eastbound: A Curated Playlist, 2018

TTC - Line 3, 2018

Line 3 Eastbound

The bustle of people heading to work during rush hour, the sulfur-like scent between Ellesmere and Midland stations, and the screech of metal against metal as the train takes a sharp turn - all familiar sights, sounds and smells on the Scarborough RT (Rapid Transit). We’re adding our own soundtrack to this typically mundane journey. Listen to the Line 3 playlist curated by the artists of the Scarborough zone as you enter The ‘Borough.

In association with Universal Music with Tracks on Tracks and TTC.

With assistance from TD Bank Group

Interactive Installation


STYLL We All Have Stories The things they carried Major Institutions Independent Projects Experiential Activations Event Centre

Line 3, Scarborough RT

300 Borough Drive

Suitable for all ages

In association with The Toronto Transit Commission

This project is indoors.