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STYLL curated by Alyssa FearonCavalier Noir, 2018

Cavalier Noir (in progress), 2018
Photo: Janick Laurent

Ekow Nimako - Toronto, Canada
Director X - Toronto, Canada

Using more than 80,000 Lego pieces, visual artist Ekow Nimako pushes the boundaries of materiality, content and form with his most monumental artwork yet: Cavalier Noir.

Cavalier Noir fosters critical thought about how Canadians choose to represent “our” heroes and about who, in fact, are our heroes. If Scarborough was to commemorate its own heroes, who would it represent? What would the monument look like? Ekow Nimako proposes his vision of a monument for this community—a Black child warrior mounted over seven feet tall, astride a dauntless black unicorn. Cavalier Noir boldly stands as an emblem of hope for the disenfranchised by drawing on hip-hop’s creative strategies: taking existing, discarded, often overlooked elements and flipping them to inspire and amplify voices of the oppressed.

Prolific artist and filmmaker Director X provides the artwork’s mythological narrative, while Nimako combines the iconic medium of Lego with evocative subject matter and masterful technique.

Ekow Nimako was born in Montreal and studied fine arts at York University. His most expansive body of work, Building Black, explores “melanin-rich interdimensional beings and their animal counterparts.” He lived his entire adolescence in Scarborough.

Director X was born and raised near Toronto and currently resides in Los Angeles. Noted for directing videos for artists like Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Drake, he marks his spot with grand narratives, graphic visuals and emotional storytelling encapsulating the human condition.

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