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15000 Years of Housekeeping

15,000 Years of Housekeeping, 2017

Department of Household Sciences and Advanced Proverbs

John Shipman - Toronto, Canada

Celebrate 15,000 years of housekeeping north of Lake Ontario. Hang laundry. Fold clothes. Plan a meal. Make a shopping list. Store food. Stack bowls, pots and pans. Clean, dust, mend. Sort buttons, nuts and bolts. Listen to housekeeping sounds and smell the smells. Share stories about the ordinary, daily tasks we carry out by ourselves or with others.

15000 Years of 
Housekeeping is held in the 5,000 square foot main hall of a heritage church. Explore folding, stacking, listing, sorting, cleaning, mending, shelving, packing, planning, and measuring. As Francis Willard wrote to Susan B. Anthony on January 28, 1898: “Government is only housekeeping on the broadest scale.” And remember what Mary Ruefle said: “Blue sadness is...when on a bus one suddenly pictures with absolute clarity a ball of dust in a closet...”

John Shipman, an OCAD University medalist in integrated media, welcomes participants of all ages to his 12th hands-on Nuit Blanche Toronto project.

Interactive Installation


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St. Matthew's United Church

729 St. Clair Avenue West

Suitable for all ages

This project is indoors.