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Passage Into the Light

Passage Into the Light (rendering), 2017
Photo: Donna Sistilli

Monsignor Fraser College Toronto Catholic District School Board

Monsignor Fraser College Toronto Catholic District School Board

Canada is home to many migrants who escaped economic strife, war, and persecution.

Our interactive installation is a symbolic narrative on migration. It celebrates the history of Canadian compassion and acceptance. It also highlights how a tradition of acceptance can change lives and consequently transform a nation in profound ways.

Spectators will follow the journey of afflicted migrants. The migrants' future resides beyond this entrance. Those who enter will first be greeted by three illuminated dwellings entirely adorned with mirror mosaic. Initial contact is both jarring and captivating. A peek through the peep holes of each of these dwellings reveals a story of transformation.

The voyage culminates with a fourth dwelling. This red-and-white mosaic dwelling radiates a kaleidoscope of colours.

Monsignor Fraser College is an alternative high school with the Toronto Catholic District School Board. 

Interactive Installation


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Monsignor Fraser College (Isabella Campus)

146 Isabella Street, (416)393.5533

Suitable for all ages

This project is indoors.