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Poetry, Performance & Protest: Let's Talk Canadian Values

Poetry, Performance & Protest: Let's Talk Canadian Values, 2017
Photo: Michael Stevens

Diaspora Dialogues

Donna-Michelle St. Bernard - Toronto, Canada
Amani - Toronto, Canada
Phillip Morgan - Toronto, Canada
Catherine Hernandez - Toronto, Canada
Moez Surani - Toronto, Canada
Sheniz Janomohamed - Toronto, Canada
Jivesh Parasram - Toroto, Canada
Marjorie Chan - Toronto, Canada
Banoo Zan
Kanika Ambrose - Toroto, Ontario
Virgilia Griffith - Toronto, Ontario
Ngabo Nbea - Toronto, Ontario

Poetry, Performance & Protest invites Nuit Blanche Toronto audiences to sit or stand (whatever's comfortable!) and engage in a discussion about the multiple meanings and definitions of Canadian values. At the top of every half hour, a poet or a performance artist will facilitate these conversations as well as perform a few pieces about the subject at hand. Audience members are encouraged to respond to the pieces performed and engage with both the performers and their fellow spectators.

Protest signs that marry the political and the artistic in their designs will create a circular amphitheatre. These placards will serve the dual purpose of becoming an art installation and of constructing a safe and positive space for the exchange of ideas and the appreciation of art.

Diaspora Dialogues presents new fiction, poetry and drama that reflect the complexity of Toronto, through the eyes of its richly diverse communities.

Performance Art


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Victoria College

73 Queen Park's Crescent (Quadrangle between Victoria College and Emmanuel College), (416)944.1101x227

Suitable for all ages

This project is outdoors.