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Digital Consciousness

No. 1 v.8, 2017

Only One Gallery

Krista Kim - Toronto, Canada

Digital consciousness refers to an alertness and shared experience of the tensions that persist into our digital age: isolation/community, nature/artificiality and individualism/collectivism.

Digital consciousness embraces the challenges and possibilities enabled by a technology that binds and heightens our lives and perceptions.

The physiological effect of light shining into our retinas is undeniable. And yet the colour is a manipulation of software. The colour is derived digitally yet the sensation is physiological.

Krista Kim is a Techism artist whose work is a response to our constant exposure to LED lights through our devices. 



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Only One Gallery

5 Brock Avenue (Right off Brock Avenue, just 100 feet down the alleyway)

Suitable for all ages

This project is indoors.