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The Magic of Visual Language

The Magic of Visual Language: Theresa Upton, Elizabeth Morris, Hayley Hudson, Alexa Hickox, 2017
Photo: Ashley Upton


Elizabeth Morris - Bath, Ontario
Hayley Hudson - Kingston, Ontario
Theresa Upton - Kingston, Ontario
Alexa Hickox - Toronto, Ontario

Join us for live performances of storytelling in American Sign Language using black light effects. The Magic of Visual Language is a collective of three Deaf artists Theresa Upton, Elizabeth Morris, and Hayley Hudson, who will tell their stories in ASL and emerging Deaf photographer Alexandra Hickox, who will demonstrate and explore the use and beauty of sign language using her Deaf eyes through the set of stills and video projection.

Artists do not feel they have the "right" to express their own creation freely as an outgrowth of their original Deaf artistic exploration. Join us at the DEAF CULTURE CENTRE and experience the wonders of storytelling in sign language.

The Magic of Visual Language is a collective of three Deaf actors from Kingston, accompanied by an emerging Deaf photographer. Interpreters will be provided.

Performance Art


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15 Mill Street

Suitable for all ages


Scheduled Performances at 7:15 pm, 9:00 pm, 11:00 pm, 1:00 am, and 3:00 am. Performances will be interpreted.

This project is indoors.