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The Living Library

Living Library, 2017

Scadding Court Community Centre and Theatre Passe Muraille

Scadding Court Community Centre - Toronto, Canada
Theatre Passe Muraille - Toronto, Canada
Toronto School of Art - Toronto, Canada

Visit a Librarian to borrow a living (human) book.

Choose to hear a story about travel, love, adventure, or a modern day fairy tale while enjoying food from Market 707.

The Living Library puts the extraordinary voices of everyday people centre stage, emphasizing the importance of oral history in maintaining our connected culture.

The local Alexandra Park community is currently experiencing immense change. But as our community changes around us, we will not forget the stories of the many people who've called it home.

“Books” include local residents and storytellers from the broader city. They tell true stories from their own experiences, shaped with guidance from 'Librarians' - local community workers, theatre artists, and storytellers. The audience may ask questions to learn more - though "books" are not obliged to answer all questions.

Scadding Court Community Centre, Theatre Passe Muraille, and other friends have partnered to curate and execute The Living Library.

Interactive Installation


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Scadding Court Community Centre

707 Dundas Street West

Suitable for all ages

This project is outdoors.