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Foreign Bodies

Still from: Fragments of an Imagined Place (HD video, 4:16), 2016
Photo: Elise Rasmussen

Ryerson Artspace

Camille Rojas - Toronto, Canada
Elise Rasmussen - Brooklyn, USA
Avery Steel - Toronto, Canada

Foreign Bodies explores the relationship between bodies and space – two often-contingent entities, one begetting the other’s character. The nature of a space dictates the ways in which a body can move through and inhabit it; movements that challenge or stray from this expectation can alter one’s assumptions of how a body can be in space and how a space can serve the gestures of a body. Three artists create works in which performing bodies adjust the nature of the real or imagined spaces they inhabit. This awareness of the body in space is further magnified as visitors to the gallery move through other bodies in an attempt to access the work.

Rasmussen works in photography, video and performance; Rojas works with film, filmic installations, dance and photography; Steel's work explores the relationship between performance and photography.

Film and Video Projection


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Ryerson Artspace

1214 Queen Street West (Attached to the Gladstone Hotel)

Suitable for all ages

This project is indoors.