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Here Is Where You Hid

Hand drawn rendering by the artist pre-fabrication, 2017

Kaitlynn McQueston

Kaitlynn McQueston - Toronto, Canada

Viewers can peer through the surface of Toronto Utility Boxes that conceal dreamlike miniature landscapes of Canadian heritage land.

This work offers a meditative experience; inviting a thoughtful connection between the beholder and Toronto’s urban landscape. Many of us in the city are hungry for a deeper connection with the natural landscape, identity, nationhood and relationship to place, yet our ideologies are at odds with our surroundings. Combining a utility box with the tranquility of Canada’s natural landscapes is a leap of faith that the concealed reality of an idealist vision held near to one’s heart can resonate freely within the urban surroundings; allowing the purest sentiment to penetrate the urban landscape and the capitalist anxiety born of industrial reality.

Canadian multimedia artist Kaitlyn McQueston's recent work contemplates the communication that occurs between people and the urban environment.



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Bata Shoe Museum

327 Bloor Street West (Back alley), (416) 931.7578

Suitable for all ages

This project is outdoors.