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Punching a Pillow Until the Sun Rises

Punching A Pillow Until the Sun Rises, 2017

Elizabeth Milton

Elizabeth Milton - Vancouver, Canada

Staged within the hidden confines of a private hotel room, a performer masquerades as a hysterical diva caught in a tragic-comic cycle of perpetual destruction. Made available for public viewing through a live-streamed video installation, this endurance-based performance twists the supposedly cathartic exercise of punching a pillow into a bawdy spectacle of amateur magic, drag and melodrama. As Milton rips the seams of each pillow, clusters of feather boas are revealed, initiating a raucous cycle of transformation that repeats throughout the duration of the event.  Through twelve-hours of improvised character play, Milton tears through varied performance registers that reference film noir, confessional culture and voyeurism while remaining tangled in a mess of camp theatricality and novelty store glamour.

Elizabeth Milton is a Vancouver-based performance and media artist. Her work investigates identity, affect and the critical potential of camp.

Video Installation


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Gladstone Hotel

1214 Queen Street West (Performance will take place in a private hotel room, Parlour of Twilight: Room 405, and be live-streamed into an exhibition space within the Gladstone Hotel.)

Suitable for all ages

This project is indoors.