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Curatorial Theme

You Are Here

The new Toronto is a city of change. A city in progress. A city of endless personal, collective and cultural histories: of journeys and arrivals, of borders and crossings, of memory and history, of past and future, of centres and edges, of community and communities. This evolving and storied landscape continues to challenge our thinking of what Toronto is, provoking the following questions: What does difference mean when we are all different, if there is no "other"? Can our differences bind us together even as they set us apart? How do we rethink concepts of minorities and majorities? As relationships of power and privilege shift, how do we redefine the status quo and reconsider what it means to be together? At this moment in time, the artists and curators of Nuit Blanche 2018 invite you to join them to unfold, reinterpret, question, listen, disrupt and see through new eyes Toronto and our places in it. You are here. Now.



Curated by Alyssa Fearon

The artists in STYLL disrupt boundaries and blur borders between downtown and the suburbs, the centre and margins, ourselves and each other. Each project exposes the unexpected and unplanned, making real again what was denied or written over.

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Dream Time: We All Have Stories

Curated by Karen Alexander

For one night only, the local and transcultural will dovetail and flow between various historic and architectural locations in an exchange of intimate and public languages. Audiences will be invited to explore and plot multi-directional routes across the margins of place, memory and history.

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The things they carried

Curated by Tairone Bastien

The things they carried reflects on the immigrant stories of Toronto. Waves of new arrivals have helped shape and define the character of the city. Here, stories of newcomers’ journeys remain ever-present and vital, encoded in traditions and myths and expressed through popular art forms like music, food and graffiti that occupy our city’s streets.

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Special Projects

Whether returning or new, all sponsors have wholeheartedly immersed themselves in the spirit of Nuit Blanche Toronto by sponsoring Special Projects that feature the work of talented artists during the event.

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Major Institutions

Twelve of Toronto's major arts and culture institutions will feature inspired art projects that celebrate the diversity of Toronto's arts communities.

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Independent Projects

The arts community produced portion of the event features more than 35 projects created by cultural and educational institutions, individual artists, producers and organizations.

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